22 January 2009

Team Small Dog fixes everything for Laura by just running around until she is smiling again.

Been a lot of ups and downs for me all having to do with land lately. Where I live, so beautiful with my ocean hooked to my mountains by my meadows, but less and less land for our horses and dogs. And I guess if you have camels and llamas and donkeys and huge, fanged cats, less for them too.

Unless you can buy it. But even for some folks that bought it a long time ago, or have some extra buckets, the biggest size, to buy it now, a lot of problems sharing the space with other people who are not neccessarily fans of dogs and horses. Or strawberries or apples or cows. They are mostly fans of their own houses.

Been going out to the forest more. Where indeed, not supposed to take the dogs. But still go out, find the paths that not frequented by the rangers, and be happy that it's a big forest, hundreds and hundreds of acres, where the paths are narrow and the redwoods shade the weird 70 degree January hot sun. And that I can still find ways to let my dogs run and run and run and run.


Anonymous said...

Yay for the team!! Good to hear you are smiling again. Emma in her total crazy goofiness and love of running always makes me smile again when I am so close to despair over black soupy air and bitter cold and living in the celestial kingdom (though I just learned that when mormons die and go to heaven they get their own planet!!).

And thanks for the Otterpop drawing -- I hope she keeps her brains in her head and does her best agility for you!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of those huge, fanged cats...a friend was running her two aussies in Pogonip yesterday. One aussie took off after a mountain lion just before Rincon Trail. Apparently the dog sensed the lion before she saw it and could react. Nobody was hurt. Hmmm...never seen anything like that there!

team small dog said...

Frequently my dogs are running manic loose by the Rincon trail-I usually let them run around on the Spring Box trail and that other trail that goes down the hill near the start of Spring Box. Yikes.