23 January 2009

3 on a Leash.

Is it weird? That you could turn happy on and off like a faucet? Maybe not the antique bronze faux farmhouse faucet from every single remodel in Sunset Magazine. But possibly the mid priced Home Depot one that isn't yet rusted and covered in scaley white crud. Just a faucet.

That something like sitting there on the couch, or should we say Love Seat since couch would indicate a living room large enough to hold an actual couch, with your dogs lumped around you can help that switch stay on, not turn off. Maybe doesn't make everything perfect and put a million bucks in your bank and switch your crumbly house into a dream ranch and save the polar bears and get that fat gut to tighten into Beyonce tummy. Hi Jay-Z! But can help enough that life doesn't look so crappy and the sky looks a little bluer and you can think that you are a-ok with what you got. Maybe don't try to look at the future like a gaping pussy black abscess but more like something that is going to happen tomorow, sun comes up in the same exact place as today and the dogs will still be there with you. Maybe running away to roll around inside a rotting corpse of a seal or monkey barking at each other as they completely shred the polyfill guts out of what used to be a taxonomically correct stuffed duck, but still counts technically as there with you. Just perhaps smelling really bad.

Not sure why a pack of funny looking dogs that make people laugh and point, aren't even as tall as your knee and climb on your head when you're asleep can have such strong powers of voodoo, but somehow they do. Do they change the fact that a whole bottle of water poured itself out in your purse and is slowly drizzling out all over the carseat next to you as you fly down the freeway at night in the rain, soaking your checkbook and papers and planner and all the items of you life in there? Do they change the fact that they're currently covered in sticky black mud which is about to get tracked over much of the surface of the newish carpet in your teensy, tiny house? Change the way the ice cubes for the polar bears to sit on melting and we're not sure how long they can swim? Change anything much?

Nope. Dog the opiate of the masses? Maybe. But I think Marx also said that dog is the heart of a heartless world, in his next breath. Right? Or brother Groucho Marx maybe said that? Or Otterpop? No wait. She is over there screaming her head off at the tiny yellow bus stopping down the street. Look out kids! Wait. Now are we promoting communism to the K-6 crowd? Naw. Just getting ready to start out another day. Suspect we'll be back to your regularly programmed agility nonsense soon.

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