21 January 2009

The Obama's need one of these.

Gustavo, you are a majestic creature.

And a troublemaker. Don't make those 2 penguins laugh. I mean it. They are good dogs that were told to sit still and look at the camera. Angels.

Here, has launched some devious plot designed to make Ruby do his dirty work and get Otterpop. So he can be up by the camera, the ham. He can convince anyone to do ANYTHING. Does the name Eddie Haskell ring a bell?

And he has decided now it is time to do the LEAPING! LEAPING I tell you! And then rev your motor because it will be time to RUN!

Barky Face with Otterpop. If you could only hear this. Ear blistering, monkey shrill and relentless.

Until Otterpop is driven to brain explosion and it becomes bitey face. He doesn't care. Totally knows how to work the Otterpop angle. Does stuff Ruby would never DARE to do.

Majestic creature or missing member of the Banana Splitz? We should all be so lucky to have a Gustavo in our lives.


Double S said...

Yes yes yes... and for those of us that DON'T have a Gustavo, well, we just live vicariously.

Here's hoping that the Obamas (ahem no apostrophe, as it is plural, not possessive) get a dog that makes them laugh and have fun have as much as the Goo-man!

Agility Foot said...

I have met Goo the Majestic Creature and he's a sweetheart. The Obama girl's definitely need a Goo dog.