04 November 2008

Team Small Dog Voter Guide

This is a historical election. Team Small Dog, getting serious here for a moment.

Do you guys all know who and where and what you are voting on?

Conferring with my cabinet for a minute on some of those propositions we didn't even know about.

Ruby. What did we decide to do on that Proposition 7? Everyone hates it. But it was for solar! We went to a party for it. This is a tough one.

Proposition 8? Don't get me started. This one makes me SO MAD. SO VERY, VERY MAD. Big Fat N-O.

Everybody took a turn trying to look like Barack Obama. Gustavo wins. He embraces change.

Otterpop doesn't. I don't know who she would vote for, that Otterpop. But we still love eachother. And I hope when Barack goes out to get that White House dog, he gets something that is sort of NOT an Otterpop. A nice australian shepherd? A Timmy? That dog 16" dog Fu from Japan that ran in the Nationals? We gave up weave poles and contacts for this. We get them back soon, right?

Off to stand in line. You too!

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Ellen said...

I like the glasses.