03 November 2008

What was fun about the Fun Match?

Fun Match. Consolation prize for everyone that didn't want to drive to Arizona to be in the big dog show. Silly you. What did you think I was talking about? Instead, up to the mountains to Agility Friend Kathleen's house, where she built a little agility oasis in her own forest backyard. Not a bad way to spend the day!

What was fun about it?

Otterpop was Otterpop. Not Body Snatcher. Thanks Otterpop! Are you back for good?

Ruby got to do some agility and run around and have a good time. Ruby is the Best Dog. Wasn't hitting bars, missing dogwalk contacts, running amuck. Thanks Ruby!

It didn't rain. Maybe just a little. I just sat in the car during that part and ate a banana. Thanks Sun!

Saw all my agility friends who also stayed home from Arizona. Hi again!

Hey wait, what about Gustavo? Wasn't he there?

Oh yeah. That part. Why we needed to go to a Fun Match. Practicing for dog shows. Showing off those mad skilz. That have been working great many places such as everywhere else but the Fun Match. Show off those contacts and those poles that have gotten so good! My good focused, level headed, hard working Gustavo, him of the sharp little toenails that we still have wars over. Him of the dirty coat, of which a vet friend found a flea wandering. Him of the cute little expression, so heartwarming when he is staring at you from 10 feet away, before turning tail and running off into the redwood trees. Again.

Um. Let's just call him Gustavo, Also Forest Creature. Wanting to frolick amongst the wild turkeys and brotherhood of forest creatures and also forgot how to do weave poles and down contacts on the dogwalk. Much frolicking in forest, when weave poles remained unweaved. Jumps unjumped. Tables, undowned. Playing with his toy? Not as good as the frolicking, I tell you. So Gustavo Early Spring 2008. So not Gustavo Fall 2008. Too much election stress? Otterpop stress? Weave pole stress? Joy of wild turkey squawking?

Whatever it was, sure humbled me quick. Like you know, sometimes at a dog show, you wander by the Starters ring, chuckle at a newbie team, sort of muckling their way around with the dog running hither and zither? Hi! That was me! So much for raised expectations. Back to square one clicker training more like it. I was impressed by some teeters. Some nice little serpentines. When he wasn't busy completely regressing to a totally untrained puppy. This is the dog I thought was ready to enter his first Steeplechase in December? Start running Standard? Knocking out masters courses in practice without batting a tiny little untested breed eyelash? Like as recently as LAST WEEK I thought this???

Augh. We left early so I could take Black Beauty down to the shot clinic to get some shots. Where she proceed to express her anal glands on me from the sheer horror of dual needle sticks. Some things you gotta live with, little Chihuahua.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how many years you train at home you gotta get em out in the real world, otherwise you'll never have to eat humble pie. (sounds like a good name for a band) It also gives you a laundry list of things to work on. Usually a couple a tequilas and a siz pack of blatz numbs the whole ordeal