05 November 2008

So what kind of puppy?

He totally promised the kids a new puppy as soon as they move into their new house. A big, White House.

Maybe they would like Black Beauty? But she's like 6 years old. Black Beauty, White House. Chihuahua goes to Washington. Great with kids! But very, very afraid of cameras. All that presidential paparazzi, maybe not Black Beauty's thing.

He acknowledges that the country is in a big, huge mess. Obviously. Look at all those Proposition 8 supporters who disagree that we should all have the same civil rights, por ejemplo. And the whole global warming thing and all. But everyone was chanting Yes We Can, and I saw Oprah crying, and really. Fireworks going off in the neighborhood, people screaming out of their car windows. There's no way he's worse than George W. Bush. Not in a trillion years. Maybe we even dare to hope for something more than Not Worse Than George W. Just maybe.

Do we get to have our weave poles back now, that we gave up for elections? Gustavo had them today when we practiced. Guess they're back? You're not going to break our hearts, right Barack? We'll go back to practicing again, you start figuring out a real good plan for fixing up government. You let us know what we're supposed to do to help.

I am really good at helping people pick out puppies. FYI.


bluedogs said...

they have had a vote going for several months on AKC web site about what kind of dog they should get... they got family input (like hypoalergenic) and then put it to the voters...and they selected a poodle. ummm, now a standard poodle could be cool... but not thrilled about any of the choices.. a BC and BT lover here..not on the list

Double S said...

OK so Captain you and I are on the same wavelength... very important for Barack and family to address these matters of dog-choosing asap. Like before he begins the Hard Work of fixing The Mess. It will give us an idea of what to plan for... am hoping that the dog choice will be a defining moment in his presidency, personally. Keeping fingers and dew claws crossed!

Personally I would love to see a certain chihuahua in office, taking care of the kids and generally deterring papparazzi, but with the hypoallergenicity factor then I must cast my vote for a powder puff Chinese Crested. Hairless would be too controversial, but the puffs are really beautiful, unusual, and, well, hypoallergenical. And it would be an overture to China too, no?

Simba said...

LOL! Yes the next great debate! Do they get an AKC registered purebred dog - or visit one of the many shelters across the US and rescue a dog in need?

I'm guessing they end up with something small and fluffy - like a Bichon or Poodle.

Would LOVE to see them with a terrier of some sort! (Wheaton's are hypoallergenic!!)