30 November 2008

Do you miss our friend Black Beauty?

We miss her, but she is a happy and giddy chihuahua with a new sweater and a fireplace at her house. She goes EVERYWHERE, meets EVERYBODY, sleeps UNDER THE COVERS, and is now a socialite chihuahua. And, comes to work still for a few hours every day and hangs out with Gustavo. And climbs out of the dog pen to come visit me! Under a horses's foot which is the same size as her. Naughty chihuahua, Black Beauty, who has climbing talent of a long fingernailed, blinky little monkey. I love it that I get to see her every day, and that her new family is all chihuahua love with her.

I'm just arranging Otterpop's life so she doesn't have to hang out with Black Beauty at work and that is working for Otterpop. Strategic dog politics. In the week and a half that BB went to live in her new family, Otterpop is a changed dog. She still has a screw loose in the separation anxiety section of her brain that I'm trying to figure out how to fix, but she is way more back towards normal.

Not sure how one little chihuahua can alter one fat Otterpop's brain chemistry so heavily, but it did. Otterpop would be one good science project for a chihuahua scientist.


andrea said...

of course I miss her - but I'm so glad you don't have to miss her

we had a very scary accident(?) with our chichi this week - she now sports 43 stitches that run along one side and right over her back ... she's coming to work with me daily and getting awfully spoiled (I CANNOT imagine leaving her home in a e-collar) ... she wants to join Black Beauty's family I suspect ... they could rename her - Chocolate Chihuahua if they needed matching names

team small dog said...

Oh no, what happened to your poor chihuahua? That s a lot of stitches for one tiny dog!

andrea said...

she and her much larger best friend got too rowdy - one unhibited bite and Thea was damaged! awful ... but good lord she was brave - not a squeal as we lept in car and ran to vets - there she was giving kisses and we all thought it was very superficial.
Once we started really looking though we could see it was a huge flap lifted up ... us mere humans would have been hospitalized for weeks I'm sure - moaning and groaning and in morphine the whole time

thanks for the sympathy - I haven't even brought myself to blog about it yet ...