29 November 2008

Agility videos for pie eating.

Here's an educational video for you. Like educational of how come agility people can eat a lot of pie. The magic of video editing takes out all the running I normally do like around the field and to set up the jump bars and turn on the camera and off the camera and throw toys and run past the contact and back in to throw a treat and I can't even tell you how much running I do when we go practice.

Also, you get to see 3 different types of contacts. My non agility friends, getting those paws to touch yellow paint. Ruby has a running contact, Otterpop has a laydown on the dirt which turns running at dog shows and Gustavo forever, 2 feet on yellow paint and 2 feet off.

Also for an added bonus of super entertaining fun, if you make it through that, watch us do a jump grid. Which we do about once a week to keep up those jumping skills and startline stay skills. And running out to target skills. Lots of mad skilz, 1 little exercise.

Eat pie while you watch. That's what I would recommend.


Diana said...

Its so cute that you dogs wag their tails when doing their contacts. Well, I couldnt tell with Ruby but Gustavo and Otterpop were big tail wagers. Diana

team small dog said...

I think that would be due to the joy of someone standing far, far away and throwing with questionable aim, treats at them to catch on their respective contacts.

some random female said...

EEK! So many questions from this non-agility reader. I think I will go eat some pie instead.


P.S. That Gustavo is some CUTE little dog!

Anonymous said...

Quien es muy macho?
Gustavo es muy macho.

vici whisner said...

Looking good from team mate bi-polar!

Simba said...

FUN! How'd you decide which contact performance fit each dog? Or did they decide! ;o)


team small dog said...

How I picked contact performance:

Dog 1-Ruby
Started w a 2o/2o, back in the day. Morphed into sometimes quick releasing. Which morphed into sometimes missing contacts. Since she is semi retiring these days, used her as experiment in teaching a true running contact on the dogwalk. Spent months clicking for running fast, feet in yellow. We love it! Has been holding up, but she also doesn't run in a zillion classes all weekend at a dog show.

Dog 2-Otterpop
Came with a weird border collie style, crouchy down thing she liked to do. So decided to use that as her contact performance everywhere. Eventually let it morph into what has become a consistent running a-frame. Still use on teeter. Have been drilling a lot on dogwalk though, because when she freaks out at a judge running next to her on dogwalk I just run her off at the bottom instead of having to stop and that's caused occasional inconsistent dogwalks.

Dog 3-Gustavo
He's really fast. Just wanted to have a good, old school stop at the bottom of dogwalk. Did train a running a-frame, and a slide into a crouch on the teeter. If I had room at home, maybe would have ventured into training a running dogwalk but wanted to use Ruby as the experimental dog for this. I am happy having him stop. We're sticking with it for him.