31 October 2008

It's sort of like a spa, like the kind they have in hell.

So everyone who is anyone except for some people, all drove to Arizona for dog agility this week.

Yep, the USDAA Nationals. The super big fancy show that we decided to miss. Even with byes to the Grand Prix semi's. Just had to throw that in. Just because. Because it's been a hard dog week and have to remind myself that there are good dogs here. Somewhere. Actually sleeping in 4 dog beds in a row under the desk right now. Being good, well behaved, asleep dogs.

Am I sad I didn't do the 12ish hour drive and motels and mayhem and time faults and all that? Hell yeah. Who knows what next year brings? Am I sad of how much money I did not spend by not going? Thanks termites who have eaten up half our house and need to have all that saved money thrown at them. Remember cute sliding glass door and deck? Maybe a mexican tiled patio? Sunset Magazine outdoor room? Ha HA said the termites and we will trade termite money for USDAA Nationals. Evil little winged bugs with fangs. Eaten up all the wood. Even have subterranean termites. OOooh scary! Very halloween.

We'll be keeping tabs on USDAA Nationals, though. Maybe during trick or treating hours tonight, via the internet. Since my job is to keep Otterpop from getting stressed out and things quiet and calm and soothing, like we live in a Spa! A spa where the doorbell rings every 10 minutes and short people in weird clothes and judges hats are out there yelling holding giant sacks. Like a spa where zombies come barging in every few minutes screaming "HOWS THAT FACIAL WORKING FOR YOU AND I EAT YOUR BRAIN NOW!" Dog trainer friend said first order of business for Otterpop, the de-stress. Her little brain is fried and regardless of who is the head of the pack or carrying a giant sack, life needs to unstress for her.

Not sure how agility works into that, because it makes her nice and tired. It is not exactly a calm and soothing thing though. So not yoga class. Took the dogs to practice yesterday morning, and were all good citizens and no one weird or attacky or extra barky or cowery and all played frisbee together multiple times because that is still the jackpot reward for the gazillions of weave poles, thank you Gustavo. I set up some courses and everyone did all the courses and played together and happy campers all day long. So maybe it's a spa where there can still be agility and manic frisbee games but in an unstressful way? Where videos of the USDAA Nationals plays as soothing harpy/flutey music performed by tea serving hobbits?

I know. Some of you, nice dogs wearing ladybug costumes and doing tricks in the Halloween parade. Timmy was like that. Had a Princess Diana costume and loved wearing it proudly. This crew? Just think of us while you're out there trick or treating, or drinking or barfighting, or whatever maybe you guys do on Halloween, we'll be sitting in an unstressful back bedroom, pretending that no one is at the door and we always eat a giant bowl of Reeses Peanut Butters every single night just because. It's fun. While all our friends are probably winning glamorous events at the big dog show. And that it is soothing and fun maybe I still gots some of those dog tranquilizers around here somewhere. Now that's what I call a spa treatment.

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