30 October 2008

Zombies made me do it.

Last night, walked out of Dirt Nite with my dogs in tow. Just walked out the gate in the middle of it. Zombies have taken over Otterpop's brain. She has a new personality that I hate, and it's rubbing off on Gustavo making him jumpy and barky and Ruby is cowery and needy. It's like someone exchanged my dogs in the Twilight Zone and I'm stuck with these weirdos I don't even know. Just sitting out there with these new dogs made me mad and I'm getting sick and I just had to leave.

Much of the time, I have the old dogs back, and it's great and I'm like, phew. Then all of a sudden, the zombie dogs or one or two of them show up and it's back into the Twilight Zone, except it's an episode where you realize it's really not the twilight zone, it's just that now you actually own zombie dogs and your dogs may or may not be gone, brains eaten by zombies and stuck with these now.

I think it's Otterpop who had the zombie encounter. The others? Just reacting to her. Does that happen? I find it hard to believe the presence of one little chihuahua would do this much brain surgery. Does that happen? Is it the elections? The stock market? Stock market went up. Obama is going to win. Come ON OTTERPOP.


Elayne said...

Sudden change in behavior involving aggression or compulsive behaviors can be a sign of hypothyroidism. Trouble is the regular test they do at the vet doesn't always catch it, there's some more comprehensive test you can have done but you'd have to research that. I had a dog that developed hypothyroidism in his old age and treatment was easy (daily pill) and worked really well. Or it could be the zombies what with Halloween coming up and all.

Anonymous said...

What Elayne said.

But also, maybe try spending alone time with one dog at a time? Like, taking just one dog with you to Dirt Nite or work. Not sure which dog needs it, but maybe you can figure that out. Maybe they all do.

Diana said...

I have chihuahuas. Every time I bring a new dog home, my male hides under the bed for 3 days and wont come out. But after that he is ok. But chihuahuas tend to think the rule the place. They dont care that they weigh 3 lbs. My female chihuahua can act mean to my female sheltie. But that only happens if Im sitting there or holding her. But Im the common factor. Just thoughts. Diana

team small dog said...

I have read about the thyroid thing and I think I am going to have her tested.

I guess the only time I do anything with one dog, it's them taking a turn at training. So one dog goes out in the driveway, others in the yard. One dog comes out on the field, others tied to fence or sitting in xpen. They never really have "alone time." They all tend to go everywhere mostly from neccessity of where I live and where I work, all my agility is near my work and it is all a far commute from my house. So we all always go practice either before or after work-there's never stopping at home. Even a walk on the beach is now a commute to closer to my barn. So hence the constant dog pack of togetherness.

The real chihuahua is actually the super good one. She is new. Otterpop is probably part heeler and some kind of shorty dog, but has never been a resource guarder in relation to me. She hoards her frisbee from other dogs but that's it. This seems so different than her guarding her person, more like her whole personality went haywire.