31 October 2008

A better thing to do on Halloween then keeping the dogs from barking.

So this is pretty cool. While trying to distract the dogs from trick or treaters, I'm watching live Performance Grand Prix Finals on the internet!

Saw Raymond and Laurie and that fast poodle and Dave and lots of people we know running in their yellow shirts. Very cool! You can watch all the rest of stuff live, just go to this url at usdaa's website: http://www.usdaa.com/vc_live.cfm. If you're reading this and it's you know, a whole other day, check back there later. There will be lots more, especially the big money runs coming up Saturday and Sunday.

Tater got a 4th in PNS! Even with your wacky front cross Raymond! The super fast papillon won the 8". We see her a lot. She has shelties too. You go watch yourselves. Laurie's up again, second dog. Crap. She got rattled I think when Boo missed the dogwalk contact. Won't put all the results up here. Oh wait, Scout and Laurie got 4th in 12"! Gotta go and watch some more and listen for those little candy eaters clomping up on my porch. Good dog, Otterpop.

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Anonymous said...

That was so fun to watch Apollo run (and take 3rd!), and to see other people I sort of know. (Sorry for that off course, Dave Grubel, you were doing great up to then!) I can't wait until tonight.

(It looks like Dee had at least one clean run. Yeah Dee!)