14 October 2008

Aloha mr. dog.

Gustavo's new best friend came for a visit. Everyone say aloha to mr. dog. Gustavo is officially in love with mr. dog. It is possible mr. dog lived with a rodeo clown before moving in with Debra and Jon. Although this fact is not confirmed. But how many dogs do you even SUSPECT once lived with rodeo clowns?

mr. dog commutes from Berkeley to Iowa. He is one very, very lucky mr. dog. He gets his photo taken a lot. Debra dug him a snow maze in their Iowa backyard so he could play outisde last winter. He was very, very happy to go to the beach with his new friends Team Small Dog. Except for later on when someone may have been mean to him while we were at the taqueria. Poor mr. dog. He is very short and Team Small Dog is so plentiful. Usually he does not have glowing red eyes. Thanks for coming to visit, mr. dog!

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Elf said...

Ooooh, tricky, a photo of the camera taking a photo with the image in the viewfinder. Man, you are too photographically cool for words!