15 October 2008

Weave poles Wednesday-Could it be true?

Could it be? There have been a couple days in a row of weave poles happening, without wires. We may have lost a bit of speed, and I'm a little closer than I might like, but he's doing them! I am not lying here. Wires are currently sitting in the garage.

We practiced today at the field with 2 sets of poles. One set, with cages so I could practice at gambler's distance in a sequence and know he was safely caged in there. Like seatbelts. Training wheels. Water wings. Yes. I put my dog in cages.

But had another regular set out, where I worked closer to him, and used the Otterpop Frisbee Jackpot Award Method from last Weave Pole Wednesday. Think it might be paying off. Here's a recreation from my driveway after work. Just checking to see if they took. Thinking maybe, just maybe... Will test out at Dirt Nite tonite, so X your fingers for him. Cuz it may be that he Haz Polz!

Thanks Otterpop! Monkey see, monkey do.


vici whisner said...

A big smile is growing on my face. Good luck at dirt night! Make sure to have Rob video your runs.

Elf said...

Awesome! And his "slower" poles are still faster than either of my first two agility dogs, I think! Way to go. Feels good, dunnit?

Anonymous said...

hey Goo what's new?!

No video, but eye-witness reports verify perfect weave poles for Gustavo tonight at dirt night!

Man, is he ever fast!