12 September 2008

Team Small Dog Courtroom Drama-Part 2

So yesterday was the date we were supposed to go to court, as randonly assigned by the Lady in the Ticket Window, starting where our story left off last time, which was sort of at the Midget Mobile. Remember? Naked Trolls. She told me come back on September 11. All freaky creepy. Maybe you forgot that was what we were supposed to do yesterday. Like had more IMPORTANT Sept. 11 things to think about.

But then, the other day, I got this letter. With my name and my violation and my total bail of $210, and the due date. And in big letters, at the bottom, it says TRIAL. And:
To contest a citation EITHER (1) appear at Traffic Division noted at the front of your citation, (2) pay the bail listed on the front of this notice, (3) sign and file a "Waiver of Arraigment and Plea of Not Guilty" form, and (4) be assigned a court date by the clerk or (1) appear in court, (2) enter a plea of "Not Guilty:, and (3) be ordered to appear for a Court Trial by the judgical officer.

You get all that? 

Naw, me either.

See, I sat around and made a non courtroom sketch instead of finishing reading it.

It sort of goes on and on and who has time to read IMPORTANT LEGAL PAPERS SENT TO YOU BY A COURT.

But the part that did catch my attention, the due date. 10/08/08. That's like, in October! Halloween! Nearly Christmas! Like, we would be done Christmas shopping by then, right? And I have episodes of Project Runway (I KNOW I KNOW!) to watch and I've been really hooked on watching Carnivale (you will hear about this show SOON I promise, because it is about psychic Russian Dustbowl Carnies and the Devil in the Central Valley!) or like clean the garage or measure how tall Otterpop is compared to a loaf pan or stare at the creepy orange light that is getting dark like SO EARLY like when I'm still at work. 

So I'll finish reading the paper then sometime before 10 oh 8 oh 8.

Whose idea was this for me to represent myself? Are all attorneys like this? Can I bill for these hours? See you in Court!


Anonymous said...

Carnivale is AWESOME... I was so bummed they stopped taping that show... I think I read the production cost was 2 Million an episode or something... yeesh.

Anonymous said...

We're still on Deadwood, season 2 disc 6. Carnivale is our next obsession, with a smattering of Big Love thrown in here and there for Girl's Night. Next Big Love Girl's Night is 9/26. Mi casa. Mucho vino y comida. Si?

Anonymous said...

omg. LOVE big love... so addictive... and Rome... and Weeds... and Entourage... and the Seinfeld writer's show... that I find hilarious (but might be alone in that) thank you DVR box and On Demand...

team small dog said...

I think Carnivale is my new all time favorite after Deadwood. Last night he visited no eyed Grandma at the inbred camp where they strung him up after flogging by the Deliverance version of Blayne from PR.

Like even better than the Wire. And Big Love. I am glad we have to rent the shows because I am a busy lady and where is the time to watch all these shows if you have the actual channel to see them? It is way easier to watch all the episodes in a row for a couple months then switch shows.

I will try to make the Girls Night of Big Love!