18 September 2008

Start Your Own Team Small Dog

All right, serious. Someone take this dog. It's one of the chihuahuas dumped by the laborer that split town over the weekend. I love this dog. Also, fyi. I have no internet big time. Uh. Of course I just sent out a million emails about this dog.

Her name is Black Beauty. Maybe 8lbs or so. Very sweet lapdog. One of those appleheady chihuahuas. Would love to see her go to some devoted Grandma or Auntie or dog purse toting someone. Not afraid of men or cats, has been happy to meet everyone and grows more social by the minute. Really likes sitting on laps. Has been dragged to agility class, all over in the car, sits at work in a crate. Loves living inside a house. Has spent her life in a little pen near a trailer in the dirt til now.

Not sure if housebroken, am supposing not and she is learning quick. No agility dog skills, we started working on Sit today. Gets along great with Team Small Dog. I think they are a little jealous of her because she is VERY cute. She looks like a mini Ruby.

Someone take this dog!


Double S said...

Um, looks like ur in trouble, Captain! She is lovely and seems like a perfect addition to TSD :-) I'm sure her weave poles will be killer...

No, seriously though, those dogs have been on my mind and if we weren't 3,500 miles apart I would have been canvassing for new homes for them in a heartbeat.

I'm sure that the right lap will come along for Miss BB. But get going on those weaves, will ya? You need some fresh meat for more hilarious agility training videos.

Simba said...

But she fits in so perfectly with the original TSD!!


Karen said...

Shoot...she's got the Team Small Dog look, I'm thinking it's fate!

Anonymous said...

yeah...she looks like she belongs there--maybe she completes Ruby-- are they both at your house?

Anonymous said...

seems to me that your next dog has found you!