17 September 2008

Just shake your head back and forth REALLY fast and the bad photos will sort of look like moving pictures.

Guess who came to visit me yesterday? The fedex guy. Sorry for the barking, fedex guy!

He brought me a box and in the box was a new camera. Sort of looks like my old camera but the note said, couldn't find the parts to fix your old camera so here's a new one. Holy cow! It's name, camera buffs, is Canon Powershot S5 IS. It's not a digital SLR but it plays one on tv. So you can do the thingys with the aperture and the shutters. It is refurbished. Is that like reupholstered?

So I know you all like the drawings and stuff, but hello, aloha and snackadoodle, I sure do like to take pictures!

Here's some videos I shot with it today.

Ha fooled you! Yep. Because I don't know how to use this camera like AT ALL!

Enjoy this shot of my pants. Instead of everyone's stellar dogwalks.

Weave poles with full wires. Instead of the video showing him running them with these then half of these.

Here's a nice one I like to call you would have seen them all do the teeter. Featuring my hand and Otterpop.


Elf said...

Very exciting to get a new(ish) camera. Not so exciting learning all the features. When I get something new, I read the whole instruction book, saying "ooh! ahhh!" and then if I'm lucky I remember how to turn the camera on and push the button. But I feel secure knowing that I could take video and other clever things with my camera if a national emergency required it.

Simba said...

Love the photos..but will miss the hand-drawn element...hopefully a good mix of both can co-exist!!