21 September 2008

Foster dogs that want to be adopted.

Located in Santa Cruz CA. These dogs were left when a laborer from my ranch moved his family abruptly. They belonged to his kids. These dogs lived outside in a pen near his trailer and were abandoned when he moved. Please email me at laura@teamsmalldog.com to inquire about them.

The larger dog is named Katrina. We think she is approx 1 yr old. She is not spayed yet, and has a herniated umbilical cord that our vet says can easily be removed when she is spayed. She is approx 20lbs, and we are calling her a beagle dachshund corgi jack russel. She was the shyer dog of the 2, and is blossoming staying with a family, including sleeping in one of the kid's bed with her, and playing with their lab.

She has been taking walks and is becoming much more friendlier and happy. This dog seems to want to chase cats! She also seems like she could have some drive and be a fun agility dog. She loves to run around and loves to jump up and give you a hug.

Black Beauty the chihuahua has been living with me. We think she is approx 5 years old. She is not spayed yet. She weighs approx 8lbs. She gets along with dogs and cats great. She is always shy to meet someone new, then warms up. She gets along great with kids-that very cute redheaded model in the picture dragged her around on a leash or carried her around like a baby for about 6 hrs one day. I think this dog would love to be someone's devoted companion dog. She has gone to agility class, a trial, stayed in Motel 6, crated on long car rides, played at the beach, gone to work with me, pretty much the most easy going dog I've ever had around here. She's happy to do whatever you want but really, really wants to just sit in the lap of her special person. She is housebroken. She is actually pretty sporty for such a tiny dog, and maybe has a little terrier in there somewhere.

Both these dogs are really special and want great homes!


Anonymous said...

Do you think BB could be with children now? Two girls, first and fifth grades? My teaching partner has one dog like BB and wants another. The girls have other children over and BB would be pretty much surrounded by kids. I thought she was a real sweetie.
Oh, Big Love on Sat. now.

team small dog said...

So, maybe. A busy home chock full of kids might be overwhelming, might not. I sent you an email with my cel phone so she can call me.