22 September 2008

In this episode, Gustavo goes to his very first dog show.

And kicks ass. OK. I was so nervous to run him. Only in Starters Jumpers. Keeping him out of rings with weave poles til those things are DONE. Did you guys see me all freaky over there? Was a late class, other dogs were done. Had to keep remembering to check over in that Starters and Advanced Ring to make sure to, ahem, actually walk his course because, well just because. Not used to going over there. How many times did Otterpop ever get her Starters courses walked? Let's just say not too many.

This is at a nice, small USDAA in Woodland. 2 rings. Kick back. Near Davis, where I went to grad school. Near the pound where Timmy came from. Far enough away that I went up Saturday night and brought Black Beauty and we all stayed in Motel 6, the one with no toilet seats. Motel 6, why can't you spring for toilet seats? And a shower drain that Otterpop was obsessed with and wanted to rub her body all over. Eeeeewww. Bring you own sheets and wear socks at all times so that you can keep 4 dogs in your motel room with you and no one cares.

Black Beauty, totally one of the gang. I think she deserves better in life than sidekick of Team Small Dog. Gary wants her gone. I happen to adore her and tried to sell her at the dog show but no one wants a lap dog chihuahua at dog agility. I love you Black Beauty! She just does whatever you want. This is one grateful little dog. Doesn't someone have a cool auntie that will dote on this dog and buy it sweaters? Little collars with faux diamonds and a matching tote bag? Come on you guys, it's a CHIHUAHUA!

Yeah so anyways. The shower drain. No! The Starters Jumpers. Gustavo was like, why you so nervous? He's been to a million agility trials, was no sweat for him. I had no idea what he would do. Run away? Act like he's never done this? Go slow? Bark at a judge? Just run around in circles like a squirrel?

Hell No! Acted like a trained dog! Just flew around, had a super fast time, and that was that. 18 seconds of Super Fun! Like did just what we practice at home! Like felt flawless and fast and FABULOUS!

* sing along now, Sonic Youth friends:
My friend Goo!
Your first Q!
You knew exact-aly what to do!
Your dirty hair.
Flies everywhere.
Cuz you are running like you actually care.
*wow Sorry Kim Gordon that I am a geek. Do you like dogs Kim Gordon?

Other dogs? I think Otterpop may have won all her classes. No one got the gamble. Was one of those freak hard ones which Makes Us More Thoughtful Dog Trainers. Everyone said, "Oh you should have been at the dog show last weekend with the EASY gambles." Oh well. We only have so many buckets of money to throw at these dog shows. Good runs all around. Otterpop, rocked. No judge issues. Thanks Judge Peggy that doesn't crowd dogs. Actually pretty darn fast and accurate and had a good day.

Ruby, was old Ruby back! Just ran her on 2 runs, didn't get the gamble and had a weird handling mishap in jumpers for a 5 faulter but still. Maybe likes the relaxed 5 hrs between runs? Dunno what it was but she was happy and easy and super fast and just no issues at all. Well hey. She just wanted to be semi retired? Whatever. Me too. We keep doing this easy schedule with her and see how it goes.

If she can walk. Because bonehead leaped up to the contraband zone called Kitty Area to eat cat food when I got home, ended up hanging upside down by her right hind leg stuck in a gap and as I write this, can't walk. Doesn't seem painful enough to rush to emergency vet, but was hanging upside down with her back leg bent behind her for like 10 seconds. Much dog screaming involved by this. Poor Ruby. Cross your fingers for her. She can be one helluva diva about things, so we'll see. Do I seem pretty blase for having a possibly very lame dog? Can I tell you how many times this dog has been lame? Yeah. Take a rimadyl and call me in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all around Team Small Dog! I tried to pitch Black Beauty to my boss. I should have waited for the super cute pictures with the small dog model. I hope Ruby is not too hurt.

Elayne said...

Congrats on a great weekend and healing thoughts to Ruby.

I would love a little purse dog but my husband will have an aneurysm if there is one more creature pooping in our yard.

vici whisner said...

Congrats! How fun is that!! :)

team small dog said...

Elayne chihuahua poops are REALLY REALLY small! Like NEAR INVISIBLE!

team small dog said...

Ruby has magically recovered. What a diva.