13 August 2008

This demonstrates yet another area we have limited talents.

I know. You could go on youtube and search on all these dog training videos and learn how to teach your dog weave poles. Or you buy the dvd. Or you come here and you can find out a really crappy way to teach your dog to weave. YES, It is Dog Training Video Wednesday with Team Small Dog! Where you come to see how NOT to train your dog!

He started out with so much promise. Taught the poles in the driveway, and built them into a sequence. Remember? I'm all, "HI! Watch my squirrel weave like a pro! and I am the Talented Dog Trainer!"

Then somewhere along the line, decided he needs to start learning them straight-er, not even STRAIGHT, I tell you. And started closing them in. Um, like you are supposed to do with the channel weaves. Like I taught Otterpop in like 3 weeks. Like my dog agility students all do like pros.

And my dog, he is like, "Huh? No hablo. Porque you soy squirrel y tu never practice enough con mi."

Totalamente no hablo nada. When it has to do with poles in a straight line.

And now look at what a mess I've made. I've got cages up on straight poles and the offset ones a little open and everything is slow and he throws himself through the straight poles like a tiny little falafel sandwich with no hot sauce. And the falafel balls are falling this way and that. All greasy and on your shirt. Tahini dripping off the sides. And I'm wearing those fat pants from the Gap. And I still have no letter "b" and I am just so sick of copying and pasting and not having the Option or Little Apple key. I mean we are just a wreck here, people.

And this I provide for your viewing enjoyment. I know. You don't even need to tell me. Your border collie learned to weave in 5 minutes. Forwards and backwards and you wear a cape for good times when no one is looking. You just keep having your fun and I'll just sit here with the falafel grease going everywhere and we'll see where we end up.


Anonymous said...

You make-a me laugh, and that's without even watching the video that's hidden on the other side of the firewall. I have crappy weaves too so I am no expert, but here is a link for you to peruse:


Anonymous said...

Well, that was weird. Here's the link again, except you will have to remove inappropriate spaces to use it I guess:


Anonymous said...

hey, i am no mac person, but if you want b's, and you have some geek cred, it sounds like Ukelele will allow you to remap the b to something that works, that you're not using. (without too much work..visual editor)


can search for
ukelele os x remap
to find feedback from people who have used it.

team small dog said...

Yes, I started with cages on 12 poles, changed them up to wires to teach with the channels open. I have always liked teaching on the open channels because of the speed they pick up from the beginning and independant entrance finding at a distance. And like teaching on 12 poles because so rare you ever see 6 out there.

Have never had a dog had such a hard time with that last little step of closing down those channels. He did fine as they closed down to the last little 1/2 inch. Then, NO WAY-not poles anymore!

So I am sort of going to a hybrid method now with some cages on the straight poles when we practice so he runs thru some and sees what that feels like, and wires back on the driveway poles as they close back down slowly slowly slowly more slowly. He just has such an awesome fast easy time when his channels are even a teensy open and even when JUST ONE closes down, Augh! Like I have turned his tiny little world upside down.

I think practicing may be key here! Like actually have to start doing that a lot again. Little glitch in my training program. Oops.

For my letter b I am actually relinquishing my computer today to the computer fixing guy with a funny hat and odd accessory belt for a whole take-apart and new keyboard which of course on my computer is like the whole case. Super. Hope it works and I will have my favorite keys again. The ukelele method sounds a lot cheaper yet frightening!

Anonymous said...

Actually your method is fine crazy lady with the little black dogs. :) Alaska's method is pretty much Nancy's method which you might have picked up from Jim. :)

IMO, channels teach speed and driving forward with the dogs head straight targeting forward. WAMS teach footwork, a little collection for entries and bending.

Put them together and you have some CHAMS.. I have a completely reliable CHAMS dog and a not so reliable channels dog... who knows really!

Are you going to be at Bay Team? We're coming alllll the way from Connecticut and want to meet the TSDs... and their driver!

team small dog said...

Wow from Conneticut! Yes we will be there all days! Bayteam is my dog club so I will be helping as much as I can. Find me bar setting and chute fluffing. Except we have to also work on friday and saturday so will get there just in time for pairs friday and not doing team on sat-just GP. Luckily it is really close to work!

Hey of course we want to meet all our internet dog agility pals! Who are bringing fast small dogs from far off lands to kick our ass in Steeplechase! And not let us get our Super Q's. I have a blue canopy. And a whole buncha small black dogs.

Anonymous said...

excellent! there will be one small black and white fluffy sheltie and me! are you in the frozen margarita ring... because I will surely want to bar set for that ring! even if the lady said no alcohol until AFTER the last class of the day... boo HISS on that! ;) ;) ;)

We're in performance so we won't be kicking your ass, we'll be cheering you on! see you on Friday, or Saturday... a friend is bringing down a tent from OR so I don't know what it will look like but I'll look for you!