12 August 2008

Transitioning from Channel Weaves to Straight Poles-a primer.

Ha. Maybe this whole thing one reason Gustavo still on offest poles. I will blame it on the muse of the interior decorating.

Remember how the surfer guy next door was helping me make a new closet? And then the surf came up. And his buddy's car needed some work. And it was really hot out. And he ordered a pizza. And had to help his cousin.

And then there were the super easy to put down carpet tiles. So easy if you live in a vintage Eames home and you don't have to vacuum your car for like an hour before just giving up. So easy if you actually fit into the tiny pants at Urban Slavetraders and have a personal vegan chef. Are TORTURE for the rest of us.

And then there were all these dogs helping and a really sharp knife.

And all these little corners. And mouldings. And a non square room. Or level floor. And a nap.

And dogs. With blatant disregard for danger or the high level of craftsmanship that I bring to my projects. High level everywhere except where the furniture is carefully arranged on top of.

Ready to bring the taxidermy in when Gary isn't looking and then be able to actually finish up the office out back. And then knock the whole back wall out and put in french doors and a deck and a whole new ceiling! And change the kitchen floor from the relative to the ugly beige carpet called the ugly pink vinyl. And I guess re-landscape the yard so it all matches. I saw it in Sunset magazine. Looked pretty easy. I have my own crowbar.

Then we get those weave poles ironed out.


Anonymous said...

I think we need an explanation of what the blurry THING is in the lower right corner of picture #2. Rat? Annelid worm? Alien?

team small dog said...

That would be called "Action Shot."