08 August 2008

A month so busy with things that all require having a letter B.

August is sort of the end of summer, and all this stuff gets crammed into the end of summer because it has to happen, well, before summer ends. The big dog shows are at the end of the month, I bet some of you readers are even coming for one of them- the Bayteam Regionals. People come from far away for that one. Four days of big huge dog show. Which take place super close to my work! Meaning I can go to every single day! And still go to work. Very glamorous, the team small dog style of dog agility.

But there are other things. My other dog club's dog show the week before the regionals. A wedding to go to. Therapy dog visit. A masters gamblers seminar. Gustavo's very first fun match is this Sunday. Which is the exact same day as the Internantional Musical Saw Festival at Roaring Camp, which is the lumerjack steam train place. And there are all these giant vaulting horses out at the fairgrounds, right by my work, for the National Vaulting Championship. GIANT horses that canter in a circle while gymnasts in costumes leap around on and off their back's. Circus tricks!

Here's your itinerary. Probably I am forgetting a lot of stuff:

Sunday, August 10
Gustavo's First Fun Match, Hollister, CA.
Sure to be entertaining, at the very least. Much running around with a tupperware and likely many tunnels being performed while I am standing there hollering, "GOOOOOOOO!!!!"
Musical Saw Festival with Lumberjacks at Roaring Camp
I had to pick fun match over this. Maybe if I get back in time I cam still go. Musical saws and lumberjacks and trains! Right?

Saturday August 16-D+B Wedding!
I will take all the photos! I will wear a skort so I can crawl around on the ground to do this! I will go to work SO early to get off early and I promise I won't be late!

Sunday August 17
Therapy Dog Day for Gustavo
Master's Gambler's Seminar with Rob

In which we will go and learn secrets to turn our dogs into Hobbes. Who you can sit in a plastic chair at one edge of a ring, and point out at the other end, casually mention, Jump, Jump, Tire, Tunnel, Poles, and have go and just run across the ring doing the stuff you just asked for. Hobbes is the rocket scientist of border collies. Although Rob already told me most of the problems I have in getting the gambles keeping my dogs from ADChs (such as always hitting the bar out of the gamble, gamblers classes always happening on Saturday while I am at work, ability to perform fancy and tricky gambles practicing the next day AFTER a dog show but not during) are the work of supernatural forces attacking me and will not be addressed. I have a lucky tattoo now so I'm coming to learn some dog training science anyways. And I can always still just do all the fun stuff with Hobbes.

Saturday August 23
Sunday August 24
SMART USDAA in Prunedale

I am glad that my own personal address is not in Prunedale. Prunedale. It's full of sloughs and strawberry fields, never once seen a prune there. What a crappy name someone gave that place. It's the one place I could afford to buy my own ranch around here, that gives you a hint of the popularity of Prunedale. Gary would never move there in a million years. It is a swell place to have a dog show though, and it is a super fast drive to the barn! Allowing a weekend of running of back and forth and missing walk throughs! Along with those gamlers Q's.

Friday August 29
Saturday August 30
Sunday August 31
Monday September 1
Bayteam USDAA Regionals in Prunedale

Did you know the only way I'm typing the letter "b" right now is by copying and pasting it? Different ones for capital or not capital? In this long and newsy itinerary, there have been so many b's and next thursday I relinquish my computer to the computer shop for a new keyboard. Thank god. This dog show is huge, lots of giant motorhomes and faster dogs than my dogs to beat the pants off Team Small Dog. Where I have choked in Steeplechase Finals year after year! This year taking place close to work allowing attendance all days, stressful driving back and forth to work, yet all with my new lucky Timmy tattoo! And better trained dogs. Maybe gamblers curse removed. Will be swell this year!

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Anonymous said...

Laura! I am behind - but sososo love the Timmy tattoo. Must see in person. About dog shows - I could make the one in Prunedale! What time will you be showing? Tash