07 August 2008

Jump skills-a primer.

All right. All the time, people ask me, "What highly scientific dog training methods do you use there at Team Small Dog to teach your dogs the magic of the dog agility?"

All right. No one ever asks me that. No one at all. They just think, show up at the dog show, run around fast, and maybe win a prize. Ha! Is called, we try to practice. You know, we go before work, and we go to Dirt Nite. And this weekend, we go to a Fun Match. Practice Dog Show. Where you can take a Gustavo and a tupperware out on the field and run around some. And practice some more with the other dogs since the big dog shows are coming up in August.

How do I decide what to practice? Is based on the highly scientific method of how late to work am I? We do courses at Dirt Nite, so practice time is little drills I carefully plan out at night make up as I go along to cover stuff we might be, ahem, deficit in. Distance. Jumping without hitting bars and doing crackhead handling that scares the dogs. Contacts. Everything with Gustavo.

Here's a nice example for you. A little sequence that has a 270, a threadle, a U-turn into a straight line, a front cross. Sort of like ben and jerry's ice cream that has all the crap in there to dig out. A long island iced tea. but my non dog agility friends, look at how I wiggle and turn and this and that to make the dog leap and turn. There is the magic skills. My tattoo'ed friends, you can do this with or without tattoos and even without a dog and it is called 80's aerobics with Olivia Newton John. Is more cooler with a dog. Can't tell you if having the tatttoo makes it cooler. Possibly not. but maybe luckier?

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo for Team Small Dog and video with music!! Looking good!!