02 August 2008

In this episode, we learn how to type using 25 letters of the alpha-something.

I can't tell you where I took these photos. Not porque it is some kind of important secret, rather porque last night I spilled a cerveza on my computer and the letter located after A and prior to C, if you were singing a song that used those 3 letters, doesn't work anymore. You speak some Spanish, right? So I can still use my computer and type stuff, unless it uses that one certain letter. That's why I have to say cerveza. The real thing I spilled starts with that letter. It's also hard to make a space. I am pounding that spacing key very, very diligently here.

This secret place is known for sand and water and wind and sun. I go there a lot. Dogs run there. They might chase flying animals with feathers. It's a nice place to enjoy a cool drink made from hops and grains and stuff like that.

Oh yeah. And the little key that has an clover and an apple on it doesn't work. You don't have this if you have a pc.

So who knows how to fix malt liquid soaked computer keys? I am pretty sure I am going to need that letter soon.


Elf said...

No apple/clover key?! That is bad! Bounteously bad! Bodaciously bad! Rabidly, abnormally bad! Bad bad bad! Makes you sit there fingering your lips going "b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b"!

Fortunately, to get some useful info, you just need to google this phrase "how to clean a keyboard that has beer spilled on it" and all kinds of relevant pages pop up. It's very funny how many pages come up under that topic! Oh, wait, except you can't type the b word. Huh. So just leave out the B word.

Basically you should be able to pop the keys out of the keyboard. Our sysop used to do it all the time. I've never tried it.

So instead try googling the phrase "how to take the keys out of an apple keyboard" and lots more pages pop up. Then you clean it out and let it dry and keep your fingers crossed.

team small dog said...

Yes i looked this up in the interent and it is a shiney silver mac laptop and it is more of an issue porque the cerveza visits the engine of computing which lives under the keys. I already tried the taking off the offended keys and cleaning and it would seem the sadness of the computer takes place in the underworld of the keys where the cerveza decided to make it's visit. At least I could write that without the missing letter that rhymes with Sea. I fear that the computer has to go on a visit to a computer fixer on Monday. I need another cerveza just reflecting on this sad fate.

wishy the writer said...

My only advice would be to backup (or in your b-free life these days, you could call it "copy") as many files as your drunken 'puter will allow you. I spilled Diet Coke (not as fun as cerveza) on my 'puter last December and the 'puter decided to still sorta work for a few weeks and then I'd hear this spontaneous sizzle sound and feared for my life. The sizzling must have been file consumption, because I lost some stuff, but was able to "copy" most of my stuff right before my laptop decided to never start, ever, ever again. Numerous 'puter experts couldn't help me either.


Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

If cleaning under the dead keys didn't fix your problem, then chances are the spilled cerveza ruined your keyboard. You'll have to replace it. I'm typing on an ancient compaq keyboard at my computer now because I spilled water on two keys of my way nifty ergonomic keyboard of uberness. It killed the keyboard and I had to replace it.