01 August 2008

In this episode, Project Runway once again nearly puts us to sleep.

I went to watch Project Runway on old fashioned analog tape. The problem was, they were wearing rain ponchos and driving around on a double decker bus to get inspiration from New York City at night. Like I almost couldn't stand it. It involved drizzling and arty shots with cheapo digital cameras. And then Keith, the gay mormon from Utah, made this thing out of little scraps of paper. I think they were actually fabric scraps but let's just say they were little scraps of direct mail pieces. And then it was Michael Kors and he came crawling out of the tanning booth with Blayne and before that they had their teeth whitened together, the little hussies. Seems like a conflict of interest is what I think. Both of them baring their teeth at each other on the runway like "grrrrrrrr...tiger!" Whitened and sharpened little pointy teeth, sticking out of orange faces like pumpkins that scare Gustavo. Who was also scared of the giant neon bows that exploded off Blayne's model.

And so then it just made more sense to have a puppet show with the dogs. We decided to act out the demise of Kurt Cobain under the rule of Courtney Love, because I am trying to teach Gustavo that he doesn't really need to be so scared of stuff without Otterpop around. And we all know what happened to poor Kurt. Recently I used scientific method to determine that Gustavo is scared of agility if Otterpop is in the car but he is an insane agility freak when she in his general vicinity. And it is sort of freaking me out in a Kurt/Courtney faux happy on the cover of Sassy Magazine cover only a short time before he had to shoot himself in the head kind of way. So I believe that we will do educational puppet shows on the topic until we sort of wean him from Otterpop. Sort of like homeschooling with the puppets and all. You need puppets for homeschooling, right? Not sure if Heidi and Seal homeschool their carefully bred little brood, or if the rule of Heidi will drive Seal to the same bitter end as Kurt. Certainly not if Tim Gunn is a good friend and talks everyone down off their tree. Kurt just didn't have a Tim Gunn in his life.

Still trying to figure out how to get this across to Gustavo. Hope the puppet show was the right plan.

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