04 August 2008

Happy [Letter prior to C yet after A] irthday Gary.

Happy Irthday Gary.

He likes dogs too.

They like him too. Otterpop will howl for you as soon as we start singing the Irthday Song, during which we can actually use missing letter. What a relief.

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andrea said...

happy BBBBBBBBBBirthday Gary

my husband came to his first agility trial today - cause he loves dogs too

may be his brain is different to mine - cause he doesn't seem to be addicted quite yet ;)

it wouldn't have been a good BBBirthday present for him - but it would have been a great one for me - it was fun having him there

but for you

lots of BBBBBBBBBs

so your wife won't have to worry about not having any for awhile at least ;)