26 July 2008

A puppy with feet the size of a big squashed frog.

This is Lily. She is not exactly a member of Team Small Dog, because she is a still a puppy and she is very, very large. She doesn't even fit in the whole picture she is so big and she is only 5 months old. We believe her to be part Catahoula and part Lab. She came for a sleepover the other night.

Her and Gustavo are best friends. They sit on the deck at work all day together and play bitey face attack squadron. Even though one dog is 12lbs and one dog is 4 million lbs. Gustavo makes a special Lily sound when they play, that sounds sort of like if Alvin the Chipmonk re-recorded Led Zeppelin 4 and you played it backwards at super fast speed. While you have the blender on. With Tom Waits singing backup.

The other dogs, not so thrilled Lily had to come home with us. She doesn't know the rules. Like you can't sleep with your head inside Ruby's crate when Ruby's in there. Like don't freak out when the chow from down the street decides to repeatedly leap over our fence into our yard to hang out on our porch in the middle of the night.

Otterpop makes sure to teach her important rules. Where she can sit and walk and what toys she can't play with. That would be all of them if Otterpop had her way. Lily is a puppy after all. A little grasshopper. And Otterpop is David Caradine.

Someday, Lily will realized that she weighs 300lbs and is 6 feet tall at the withers and that those little pipsqueak squirts are easily squashable. Until that day, she just does whatever they say. And does most of her gangly, too much leg for her body running with a sharp toothed Gustavo attached on to her lips. Because that's what friends are for.


Simba said...

What a cutie Lily is! Will she have a future agility career? Her and Gustavo are super cute together!


team small dog said...

You know, it's the darndest thing but for some reason lots of my friends don't want to do agility. I just can't figure it out. So maybe she will if I teach her or she just learns from osmosis thru Gustavo or something.

Ann said...

See, this post is why TSD is my fave agility blog. You know who Tom Waits is. Plus agility.

Philip T. Greene said...

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