19 July 2008

Let's try not to be such a bitch to Oprah.

Orpah: "Hey, how is your summer going?"

Laura: "First dog sick. Then a fire. Dog sicker. More fire. Dog still sick. More fire. Dog died. Watched a horse fractures skull/die. Got fat. Can't sleep."

Well that was a shitty way to answer. Especially when Oprah asks. She is so nice and everything to call and it's not her fault she lives in 4 giant mansions. Maybe next time when she rings instead you tell her about the 5 color rug yer making to replace the pee stained carpet. Gustavo's fast weave poles and sequences. 3 good dogs to take to the beach and who sleep in a row always in your view. Gotta nice husband and your very own house. A new nephew and yer mom and all yer pals remembered yer birthday in advance. And looking forward to a big fancy tattoo from Edu.

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