20 July 2008

Hey Goo you're two.

My friend Goo has a real tattoo
He always knows just what to do
He looks thru his hair like he doesn't care
What he does best is stand and stare

--Sonic Youth

You guys remember that song right? And Kim Gordon is getting the senior discount price at the movies now. Which is beyond creepy and weird and means we are all that much closer to dying. I used to aspire to being her. Didn't quite turn out that way. But if she's 55, means I've had Gustavo for a whole year. Can't really spit that whole name out much and mostly now we just call him Goo. He is still the fastest, happiest, and friendliest tiny dog I ever did meet. Didn't end up contaminating the whole agility community with his tainted blood. I think it ended up being untainted. We never figured out how old he was. We thought he was 1 or 2. Two rhymes with Goo. Hey you!

Might just be he's only two
for a long time hey Goo you're two
I know a secret or two about Goo
He won't mind if I tell you

He just likes to run everywhere
Cuz he's the fastest dog anywhere
Maybe he don't stick like glue
We don't care, hey Goo do you

Don't know how he'll end up at agility, and really don't care. He's really hard to train, but the better he gets the funner he is to run. But you know, just having him around is about the funnest thing I can imagine. Like on your worst day, you feel so bad, you just go find Goo. You get him to take a break from RUNNING and SQUEAKING the squirrel and just hold on to him for a little while and makes that worst day just kind of fizzle on back down. All the dogs have their things they do, they have their jobs. And he does that one better than any dog I know.


Anonymous said...

Happy, we've decided you are two day, or week or month. Whatever. I had a boxer once that was five for at least 6 years. Anal retentive, I ain't

Paul A

Double S said...

See, I told you! He might not *exactly* be a reincarnation of Best Dog, but Happy Dog Extraordinaire sounds like just what you need right now. So glad you are lovin' him :-)

I have a new little wonder child myself, just 10 months, much smaller than any dog I've had before but she too is a happy, fun-loving emotionally confident ball of energy. I hope she'll be a great agility dog, but if all she ever does is chew her bones and add her own special sauce to the world around her, hey, that's all good with me!