29 May 2008

Another cute and useful dog trick to learn.

I hate shopping a lot. I hate malls, I hate selecting items, I hate trying things on. I would like a stylist to show up at my house with a boatload of clothes, and just throw ones at me that will fit and look real nice, and send me a bill. In lieu of that, there is ebay and there is the internet and there is using your dogs to do useful things for you. Let's take shoe ordering as a great trick you can teach your dogs to do for you.

Product Placement Zappos.com, an online shoe store that should sponsor Team Small Dog sells Navy Blue Slip On Vans, is so easy that even a dog can order you shoes and get them sent to you the very next day. It helps if you know your size and all that, and since I've worn this exact shoe since like age 13 which would be for 29 a few years or so, it is really easy to just type in Navy Blue Slip On Vans and here they come to your house. Or Red Goretex Trail Running shoes, or whatever kind of shoe it is you need. The thing you might like about Navy Blue Slip On Vans is they go with everything. Navy is a neutral, goes with jeans, skorts, shorts, dresses, whatever you want. Brown, black, camo, they all look good with Navy shoes. But make sure if you are wearing Vans with a dress you live in a surfish town like Santa Cruz or Hermosa Beach and there are no holes in them and not too fadey. And the bottoms are more for skateboarding than for dog agility so just be careful if you are doing a lot of running that day. Have your Red Goretex ones close by.

So I never really taught the dogs how to use the internet, but the other day, I sprouted a hole in the toe of the most recent pair of Product Placement Navy Blue Slip On Vans. So Gustavo, he can be hard to teach things like regular dog stuff, but he likes to sit at the desk, so I tried to see if he could figure out the super easy Product Placement Zappos.com website. Such clear usability! Easy to navigate, clean, simple design. No frills, lots of ways to search. Great product reviews, selection and product photography. Like here's a tagline for you Zappos.com, my new friend that I hope you are reading this and thinking let's give her a bunch of Men's Size 7.5 Slip on Vans in EVERY COLOR and THE ONES WITH THE FLOWERS AND SKULLS - So Easy Even Gustavo Can Use It!

In the end, he needed a little help. That's why we have Otterpop. Also she was the one that knows how to use the credit card. Maybe we never get him actually ordering off the internet but we'll try just checking email or bezier curves or something even easier next time I decide to teach him a new trick. Or we go back to that High Five that he's still trying to figure out. And actually start his Turn-Tunnel. Otterpop, please keep track of any purchases you guys make on that card, is all I ask of you.


Simba said...

too cute indeed.


elizabeth said...

Your dogs are so damn cute!
I get many laughs from your blog.
Hope you find yourself a ranch someday. If you want to freeze your ass off, come to Montana and buy a ranch. Lots of room for the pups to run.

team small dog said...

I do think Montana would be a little too cold for me many, many months out of the year. Santa Cruz is a little cold for me a few months every year. It gets below 40degrees sometimes! Have no idea how people deal with dogs/horses/snow/ice all at the same time. I think I am too old to learn that. I am sure it is beautiful though.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I know if allowed Blitzkrieg to use the Internet, he would buy an A frame that's too big for our spec of a backyard. And a rocketcar. Because who doesn't want a rocketcar?

But I'd forgive him if he'd buy me shoes I could wear to agility with skull and crossbones on them. Because If you have a one-eyed agility dog, you need to run the course in Pirate footwear with him. Arrrrr!

elizabeth said...

I understand, Montana definitely is cold! The painful, frostbitten kind of cold. I live in one of the colder parts of the state, but it is really dry here in SW Montana also, so that helps a lot. I grew up in Sonoma and usually spent a few months in the winter there and the foggy, rainy, wet cold feels a lot colder than it really is.

I hike every day with the dogs and only see people on our hikes a few times a year. See more elk, antelope, moose, rabbits, chipmunks and porcupine then people, so its great for some things. Winter can be tough forsure. I'm thinking about getting into dogsledding this winter since I won't be going to CA at all.

Anyway, CA prices are so totally unbelievable. I would like a place in MT and CA, but don't think that will happen.

Thanks for your blog!
I always look forward to reading it and I've laughed a lot catching up on it, since I just discovered it a few days ago. I would like to kidnap that cute little Gustavo. I willl have to get a small dog someday.