08 April 2008

Everyone here can be trained to do stuff with hot dogs.

So the other day, I didn't go to a dog show on a Sunday. Actual friends came over. And friends always bring toddlers and dogs to my house. Because what is a party without dogs running through it chasing down toddlers who just wanted to eat their own hot dog. And because a houseful of dogs that enjoy chasing balls thrown by toddlers means time for another glass of wine. It's a crowd that isn't really thrown by occasional sightings of dogs up on the buffet table. They just fling 'em off and crack open another wine bottle.

It's weird, having actual Sundays off. We are skipping the giant, crazy trial this week called Haute Tracs, a 4 day mega trial with DAM Teams and like a million tries at Standard and Gamblers Q's. All the cool people take off work starting Thursday to go. We are not cool and have to go to actual work instead. And then I decided not even to drive up for Sunday. Because we have a curse at Haute Tracs. I have had Ruby come up horribly lame twice at that one and Otterpop just totally melt down once. So wow. Another whole Sunday of no dog show again.

I already feel a little left out. Maybe I'll have another party.


Anonymous said...

omg --joel warner is a hippy now! or was he always? and are those extra dogs their dogs?

team small dog said...

Joel Warner just plays a hippie on tv and would never lower himself to actually owning a dog. But the featured baby in the photos is Joel and Lexi's little boy Atom.