10 March 2008

We are having an accessory crisis here.

What is the best thing to do if it's a Sunday and there is no dog show and your taxes need to get DONE like last Friday?

Go out to breakfast!

We went up to Davenport. It's a teensy town of population 200 about 10 minutes up the coast with 2 places to eat, and a beach that not a lot of people go to, usually just some drunk guys and marine biologist types, and where dogs aren't criminals.

We can't take Timmy anymore. Blind, demented, waves and high cliffs don't mix. We had to wait until he was asleep (easy) and sneak out of the house. Poor Timmy.

At low tide, there's even a cave. It was high tide at breakfast time. It's the time change. I have no idea what time it was. It actually may have been the afternoon. I forget what the difference is of new time and real time. I was hungry though.

The beach is a good place for dog games because the sticks are plentiful, and aka Seaweed. They are Otterpop's favorite size. The biggest size.

It is even like dog training to go to the beach. They are on a down stay so I can extract the stick from the jaws that are Otterpop and throw it again. No beach would be the biggest problem of Marfa.


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