06 February 2008

There is a delay somewhere.

You know when you get sick, and you just don't see things the same way? I'm sick. It makes me see things real slow, I drive slow, it took forever to take the dogs for a walk, and riding one horse was like the most exhausting thing I've ever done. Oh, yeah. Super fun day at work. Like I can't even think of anything funny to write about it, are you still reading even? Sorry. Brain has been removed for a couple days. The choice between Obama and Hilary was overwhelming to it.

So I also moved my weave poles onto an angle across my driveway instead of being straight down the side, where they've been the whole time I've been teaching Gustavo to run through the poles. Which he's been doing like a true Mexican song dog-getting the entrances, steady and straight down with the channels open about 1.5". We were doing entrances from a lot of different spots.

So he can't do the poles anymore. Like never learned them. Entrances? Go down through the middle of the poles? Just not seeing them the same way. Looks different. A whole new thing. Hello? Who let me be the one in charge of training the dogs?

A good trainer would have put them back on the straight line, and see if they still work. Then move them to a shallower angle. Maybe opened the channels back up or put some wires on. A lazy and bad trainer would just go inside and dream of Top Chef coming over to make dinner and possibly wash all the dog towels that for some reason have multiplied all over the floor even though it's not even raining anymore.


Anonymous said...

All I want to ask is, "Will too much Pepto-Bismal kill you?" and "How do you tell the difference between headache and malaise because you are sick, and headache and malaise because you can't drink your coffee because you are sick to your stomach?" The third and most important question is, "Which two people do we know who are sick, and who also stayed in Turlock Motel 6 last weekend?"

team small dog said...

Oh no! I am glad I didn't go to Turlock Motel 6 because all I got is a cold. I just need a lot of kleenex but luckily no Pepto-Bismal. Just don't try to teach your dog anything new before you go to work.