19 February 2008

A sample item of my home decor.

Plastic Hut. Not sure what is educational or funny about it. The kid on the box makes me somewhat concerned for the chickens' lives, too.


Anonymous said...

Love the Logo!

Chickens should always watch out for kids with oversized heads, yes!

Anonymous said...

I've had that same Home Decor item at least twice in my life! I'm not sure where it goes, since I don't have it anymore. The stuff inside is even better-- the pigs are the same size as the chickens (at least I think so... something is waaay off, I'm sure of that).


Elf said...

I wish I had one!

The bad thing is that, the more I read your blog, the more I want to change my blog. But that's a bad thing. It's not supposed to be a blog for other people. It's supposed to be a blog for me. But--oh, well, maybe you'll inspire me to be funnier. Or not.


team small dog said...

Was it our dear friend Barry Manilow who said so nice like, "Don't go Changin'" La la la la la etc etc la la la, "I like you just the way you are?"

Or maybe Captain and Tenille? But anyways. Blogs are just us. Mine would be the same no matter if no one reads it. Actually maybe even funnier because I do have a smartmouth and actually do have to edit my smartmouth self sometimes. So I don't do something Dumb.

It could be me in my studio with the small brushes. Or taking pictures of Plastic Hut just because I thought, I need to take a picture of plastic hut. You just do it however most best floats your boat.

But I do like people to read it and laugh because that's just how I do I would probably say it Not in the Blog but If I was Actually Talking to You. Being a Former Artist, even all my Serious Art Projects were actually very much not Serious and should have made people laugh which sometimes was strikes against me when I was a Current Artist.

That possibly doesn't make sense. I am very wet and dirty. Otherwise maybe I would make sense.