18 February 2008

Somewhat ironic that the day before I yelled at a cop.

Here's what we look like when we are being the Opposite of Criminals and going on a therapy dog visit.

I have my official Furry Friends shirt and purple leash and I am completely ok with it.

Gustavo is a born therapy dog. We spent a long time meeting and greeting many of the residents of a long term and skilled nursing facility in Capitola yesterday. Lots and lots of elderly ladies that love dogs. He would lay on the bed with some, sit on wheelchair laps with some, and when he started getting antsy, do a little trick show. Sit, down, turn, little front crosses and run through my legs were big hits. Roll-over brought down the house. I definitely need to teach a bunch of sexier tricks before next time.

I just treated everyone like they were my grandma. Honestly, I can't wait to go back. I didn't realize how happy so many people would get when they would see someone coming in with a dog. Like total happiest grandma. Like opposite of cops patrolling where we walk the dogs to make them wear leashes. This is a great organization. If your dog is friendly, and has even the most BASIC obedience skills, you can be in. They go to old folks homes and lots of other places all over Santa Cruz and the South Bay Area.

I did find that when I turned back into a criminal to walk the dogs illegally that afternoon, Gustavo magically unlearned all his good dog obedience skills and turned into a devil and almost ran away out of the park. Like behaving so perfectly and angelicly those 2 hours had to have a balancing effect. So that's perfect that we're part time criminals now. Just like Dexter. We follow the code.


Anonymous said...

Ok,I'll pay you to take Gustavo to the Grass Valley nursing home and pretend my mother is your sweet old grandmother. You don't know what a tough audience is until you try your little cheery act on her.

team small dog said...

hey is that del?? how did you get in here!

i think they started me on beginner nursing homes. no one in there was like your mom! i think you have to be a therapy dog team for over 10 years and have advanced certification before you are allowed to visit your mom!