20 February 2008

Distraction still life with crap.

I am trying to distract you from the plain fact that I did not practice weave poles with Gustavo for about one week, and he forgot how to do them. Completely.

I am not lying.

So instead of going out and working on them, I'll just pretend that who needs weave poles anyways and take some more pictures of home decor items. Covering up the training flaws with a little phage. That's definitely the Team Small Dog way.

I think I want to run away and join the cast of Architectural Digest.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just Non-Agility Week that happens once a year? Last night in Dee's class we pretty much sucked, not for all the usual reasons, but just because we were disorganized and unfocused and sort just not into it all. I almost would have been glad if class had been cancelled because of rain. Almost.

But then Dee was talking about going to Madera USDAA, and that made me want to go, and it's still open for entries until March 1. But that would mean three weekends in a row of trials, in March, since I've already entered two: CPE Sunnyvale, ASCA Turlock.

Team Small Dog: is this too many? I know you will say yes! Maybe one day in Madera? How far is it from Santa Cruz. Is this a 4:30 a.m. farness or Motel 6 farness?

team small dog said...

Perhaps the agility planet went retrograde. Except my other dogs are fine. In my case, I think it just means I have to really be careful to not untrain my puppy who learns through constant and consistent repetition. Every day.

Madera TOTALLY sucks for day of drive. I am going out on Sat. straight from work and Motel 6. Sometimes there are racecars racing near the ring and that sound FRIES Ruby's brain ala Crazy Witches in Her Head so never know how Ruby is going to do there. It is a fun place to show besides that but it is a far drive and sometimes very foggy drive. Big plus is you can back your car right up to grass and no need for canopy. The little things that make us happy.

I think for a novice dog, 3 weekends of dog shows in a row is asking a lot. And if you have any things that need working on, gives you not a lot of time in between to practice. I think it's very dog dependant, you can always just run fewer classes than you've entered if you notice some stress starting.

For the person, 3 weekends in a row of agility is very hardcore-you are entering the Big Leagues, the League of Total Insanity! A motorhome is your next step after this!