19 January 2008

Ooh la la.

So I found this. Kaki seems to be a glamorous french super model opera singer living on a beautiful tropical island in some kind of villa and is training Silvia Trkman style running contacts in a sun dress! She is our inspiration for today. Let me just repeat. Beautiful model in tropical island villa with border collies that have perfect running dogwalk contacts. Do you think I am making this up? She has a website and a lot of videos on youtube. I don't speak french, but when she is cooing out "Slalom, slalom, Tre Bien!!" to her perfect fast weave poles, you get the gist of it all.

Youtube Video of her running contact training session on tropical island villa steps

The running dogwalk contact ones are very, very interesting. I have been pondering them as I train Gustavo. Right now, he is planned to have a 2o/2o on the dogwalk, a sliding down on the teeter, and a running a-frame. Ruby has running everything but they aren't 100% trustworthy because they were modified from a 2o/2o in a half assed fashion. Otterpop has a quick release 4 on the floor for dogwalk and a-frame, and a sliding down on the teeter. Her contacts have proven extremely trustworthy, but she did have the whole teeter paranoia issue in the ring. So I've covered a lot of contact territory is what I feel like.

Maybe what I'm going to do is learn to sing songs in french and just get him to run real, real fast and when he does it I will trill in delight "Tre bien, mon chien, mon dieu, Je taime!" Because it sure sounds like a lot of fun and looks great in french. On the tropical villa garden island. I just have to make hitting contacts as fun and exciting as chasing birds on big sunny low tide beach on a perfect clear morning with no one else out there.


Anonymous said...

Do you think there is something wrong with me that I watched the whole thing, without sound (because I was too mesmorized to stop the video and see why the sound isn't working), in one sitting before coffee?

I only started to weep at the part where she is wearing the low-cut black tunic and stylish black flats.

team small dog said...

i hope you got to hear the sound eventually though because her french voice is like an angel. my horse shoer is french and even when he is yelling and threatening to butcher a horse and put it in the freezer it sounds cool.

i am pretty sure if we lived on a tropical french island in a villa, we would dress like that for dog agility too. just like how i'm sure i'll someday get those smashing running dogwalk contacts. dream on team small dog. but our new pal kaki is doing her part to make dog agility the new black, that's for sure.