05 January 2008

Hello and welcome to Success With One Jump!

Today's review is of Susan Garrett's DVD about dog jumping! Why did I sit around and watch a DVD one day? Due to our Storm Watch! Hurricane force winds! Giant rain from the side of the sky! Even INSIDE the barn it was wet. I made sure all the horses were dry and safe and fed them some lunch and drove home avoiding tree branches flinging about the roads and big floody puddles. A part day off due to weather! Thanks weather!

I tried to take the dogs down to Lighthouse Field early in the morning but being right on the ocean, there were actual hurricane like winds that wouldn't even let us walk. Like I am not kidding here-you cannot WALK! I had to turn backwards and take tiny little backwards steps thinking, maybe this isn't such a bright idea? There were trees in wrong places from falling down and blowing far across the field.The 3 little dogs were possibly going to just up and be flown away, and as I'm thinking, perhaps I need to tie them together to avoid their being blown away, we just ran back to the car. How long can dogs go without going to the bathroom?

But back to Susan Garrett. This DVD may not appeal to you non dog agility people. I would say perhaps rent the Wire instead. Unless you really want to see Susan Garrett talking a lot and practicing jumping with her perfectly trained dogs. Including DeCaff who Ruby used to try and beat in the Grand Prix and Steeplechase and never did. And then we moved down to Performance and so we will never know, could Ruby beat DeCaff? Probably not. Because. Well, just get the DVD and see why. It will look different than when we practice agility. Does Encore ever take her toy and lay down on it like a big fat goose guarding the golden eggs? Does DeCaff ever start flinging herself over the nearest 4 jumps you didn't even ask for and then look for a squirrel? And then run over to the picnic table, look for the treats, and back in a flash to her sit position as if all that never even happened?

Susan Garrett is like the Martha of dog agility. Except who sometimes you bump into in person. And she's Canadian. She's not going to be your friend. She might have bad hair, but she can work the tennis skort and have good ideas that are just going to come out better when she does them than if you tried them. I have been to a couple of seminars of hers and I learned a lot but she made me cranky. She gives a look that has a tone. You can't tell that from the DVD. She just looks like a sporty, dog training Suze Orman. She lives on a giant Canadian ranch of dog agility. She may be a little passive aggressive. I was afraid of her in real life. If you follow her steps of Success With One Jump, perhaps your dogs can beat hers when mine can't.

Can you imagine if a genie turned Martha and Susan and Suze into 3 border collies and those 3 were staring at you all the time?

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