06 January 2008

Because I didn't write up Our Year In Review (barf)?

So, KNOW my blog is a little different than the other agility blogs I run across. This tends to happen in whatever walk of life I end up. Maybe just one beer short of everyone else's sixpack. Close but no cigar shop indian. But I was feeling sorta left out today. I tried to sign the guestbook of a very well known agility person. She is a screener of guests. No auto-guestbook feature for her. You know, just click here to say "hey." Very web 1.0. Old school, before the Friendster evolved to the Facebook evolved to the YouTube evolved to whatever is next with the bluetooth and the camera phone uploading podcasts to our robot dog chip.

But I got rejected! Not sure why. I know she visited TeamSmallDog.com and everything. My webstats can tell me these things. And decided I was not the sort of agility type who should be viewable on her Guestbook. Not naming names here, but if you are an agility super star I just want to say hey there and go on your guestbook. That is a big reaching out from yours truly, with the dicey social skills online and offline. Customer Service! Networking like the Leo horoscope said to do! Working on building that brand. Teamsmalldog.com in 2008 is Great!

In most ways, I am your basic agility lady. I give my dogs some cheese when they do it right! I clicker train! I tug! I compete in the the Masters Level of the USDAA. I go to some CPE trials. I have my own weave poles (2 sets!) and a contact trainer. I have dog crates in the car and my car smells! I have sporty pants! I take agility class and I teach agility class. I watched a Susan Garrett cd and sometimes at night stay awake pondering running contacts vs. 2on/2off. You will trip on xpens in my garage, which used to be an artist studio until filling up with things like canopies and those xpens.

I just want agility to be, you know, sort of more lovely. Like this vision in my mind where everyone is always really nice and not crazy and there are super models populating the background in cork soled wedges. Keith Richards drives up in a black jeep and starts passing out old school xerox flyers for the party at his house. The guys with the skateboard ramp out back bring everyone a nice cold Bud and their pitbull goes clean in Jumpers and a pool party is thrown later in the day at the horse ranch and someone actually invites me to carpool with them and asks in such a nice way and my dogs don't growl at anyone. Santino brings his little dog for his first trial and has sewn a stunning canopy out of hand dyed chiffons and we all admire it and he grills hotdogs and skewers of matching vegetables in jewel tones on a tiny hibachi while my artist friends talk about Miami Basel in an inclusive fashion and no one has to sit all by themselves or starts weeping in a corner. Or is shooting heroin. The vendors sell flea market items instead of embroidered breed clothing and Beck often runs his friend's border collie. The weather is nice, and if it isn't, we're in a covered arena wearing team colors. Lots of kids too, and teenagers, like how there is at a horse show but not just for the rich and powerful.

So we'll see. We keep working at it. If I make it nice and lovely for you, all you people out there not doing the dog agility, will you come?


Anonymous said...

Year in Review Picture Choices:

*I* like the pointing to the toilet one, but perhaps you should make it clickable to the relevant home improvement posts? Just a thought. On second thought, you did say you want to attract more teenagers in your Nice and Lovely Agility Vision. So maybe the pointing at toilet works.

Two Sets of Weave Poles:

Perhaps you should sell one set to me.

team small dog said...

Oh that usability crap. Yes, Jacob Nielsen would like the clickable thumbnails too. I've already moved on. Let's just see if the teenagers like it.

My old set of poles (very old) is pretty beat, I pull out a section for teaching entrances, once I have a smashing weaving Gustavo you are welcome to them for a long term loan (like forever unless I move to a ranch) but they need some work to make them hook together again so you might not want them.