26 December 2007

Well, I know. But I've been really busy. See, there's this big hill, and a toddler, and all these dogs. And all these pinecones. So pretty much, a lot of the day is spent throwing pinecones down the hill for dogs to chase. Then, you have to walk down the hill at some point, and throw them back up the hill. So the dogs, and the toddler spend equal time running up and down. For maximum exhaustion of all parties. So that Christmas wrapping paper isn't eaten. Or Christmas stuffed dolls that ride Christmas trains aren't eaten. Not that both haven't occurred. More than once. Someone at a measuring cup. And one diaper. And, most importantly, so toddler meltdowns don't happen. Because it is a 2 year old. But really, everyone has been on pretty stellar behavior. Ice cream and tennis balls are powerful motivators.

Other than that, you know, trips through the perfect sunny, clear weather to the grocery store. Walking the dogs near the sea. Pinecones. Life is pretty rough down here. Are we training any contacts? Um, no. Stays? Maybe a few. Toddlers how to throw pinecones and climb on the wall? Oops. Timmy is the preferred dog of choice, please try not to CHASE HIM! Good dog Timmy. We're coming back tomorow.

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