28 December 2007

All right. Get back to work.

All right. Vacation over. I know I made it sound like just a lot of sun and palm trees and good times. Hey, that's what it was. Except for when it was cold. Or we had to return the Christmas presents at the mall. Or when one relative was in the hospital after getting robbed and beat up at a Red Line Station. And one was calling from the cruise ship because the boyfriend had to go to the hospital in Australia and then we never heard from them again. And there is more drama. And each piece of Drama involves a million phone calls. And that is what the Christmas is really all about. The Drama! And the naps. You try making a 2 1/2 year old take a nap when he doesn't want to. Yeah, good luck with that one. Did I get even one nap? How did I stay so busy for 4 whole days of being off work?

But when you bring 4 dogs with you, you bring your own drama. What kind of insane people bring dogs with them on vacations? Don't answer that. They were all good, there were a lot of new dog toys for Christmas and that helps a lot for keeping many dogs occupied. And of course pine cones. I wish I could say I was training them the whole time and worked on Gustavo's contacts and stays but really I didn't do a damn thing except throw things for them and have them bring them back. And take them on some walks. Gustavo and my mom's dog didn't hit it off so well due to the fact that Gustavo steals dog toys and she is an only dog. Some scuffles there. Go take a nap. Luckily all dogs prooved toddler proof, even when being leaped on with full force by a 35 lb kid onto a 12 lb dog. No one broke any bones. No stitches had to be sewn. Timmy survived all chasing. We are not sure why the only blind and deaf dog that can't run or chase a ball is the favorite kid dog but he is. Good dog Timmy. You certainly have the most fur!

No one bit our new friend, Romeo Tango, the guy from the rest stop. Here is where 4 dogs really come in handy. Because we just could not give Romeo Tango a ride anywhere. Sorry Romeo Tango! Sorry you are crazy and stuck at that rest stop with the flat bed truck. Even though you are an airplane mechanic and play bass in a rock band. Good luck with that! Sorry there are too many dogs in our car for you to come too! That is the same rest stop I once met a count or a duke or something with a fancy race car who wanted me to come back to his villa in Carmel with him.

Now if only I didn't have to go to work and was still on vacation. Now THAT would be a good vacation.

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