24 December 2007

The Ruby slippers all make sense now.

Here you go. Something nice to do. Go to see the Broadway Musical Wicked! With many people in red holiday sweaters and dresses with beads on them at the swanky deco theater on Hollywood Blvd, the Pantages! Leave a pack of howling dogs loaded up with tennis after tiring them out on the Long Beach Dog Beach (inside the cones only!) with the relatives and off you go!

Having a penchant for Broadway Musicals, it is of course possible this play is dorky? I don't know. My taste is questionable at best. In some circles, the breaking into song and dance numbers at every twist and turn of life is considered wrong. i find it super however! And lots of lighting and costumes and flying actors in monkey suits with wings. The songs, maybe not so much. Many songs of sort of a Celine Dion-y kind of vibe to them with little dances but we don't mind that due to the pagentry of it all. Also the idea, so FABULOUS! Think Legally Blonde meets PETA meets government coverup story meets Wizard of Oz. RIGHT??? Who woulda thunk it?

The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the good are in college together (big song and dance!), boyfriend issues at the party (big song and dance!), PETA type saving of the animals (big song and dance!), the evil Governor (big song and dance!), the heiress (big song and dance!), the whole Wizard Ease on Down the Road business (big song and dance!)...

Then before you know it, the whole Wizard of Oz story makes perfect sense without having to actually deal with any Wizard of Oz crap, happy ending and then you try to find something good to eat in West Hollywood at 10pm on a Sunday night that isn't Pinks Hot Dogs or some Entourage featured cool kid club. How much do we love LA? Thanks actors and set designers and producers! I am sorry I made wicked fun of you all in high school when you were in the band and doing your little plays and I was smoking a cigarette outside and scowling at you! And now you even know where the good margartias are in West Hollywood at 10pm on Sunday night and I don't.

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