02 December 2007

Thanks Coen Brothers!

Here is a creepy yet westernish movie for you, called No Country for Old Men!

The old man is Tommy Lee Jones, which gives it bonus points even before it starts. There's no country for him and the bags under his eyes. We know that in real life Tommy Lee Jones breeds polo ponies on a giant ranch in Texas and we like how he puts the horse in the janky old horse trailer. That is pulled by an old '70's truck with very stunning and muted '70's art direction. His name is Ed Tom Bell, thanks Cormac McCarthy for this one perfect name. Thanks art director, for the beautiful cop headlights on the '70's cop car and the beautiful interiors and props!

The bad guy is pretty much as bad as you can get without going to the chainsaw massacre side of tall bad guys in Texas. This is due to the Coen Brothers and the fact he looks a little bit like Ryan Hedgecock of Lone Justice with hair that makes you giggle except you hope you never see him in real life, in his tall and seamless stretchy denim-like '70's fabric. Even his nose is bad and crazy, probably as bad as any movie guy can get.

The chased guy is sometimes smart and sometimes not. Very good use of western shirts then making them wrong with ill fitting levis and occasional sneakers. I believe once he was one of the Young Riders. Now he lives in trailer that is probably not moldy due to the heat, he makes me think maybe I should just move to New Mexico. Once a teen idol and then a Vietnam vet jungle stalker, but now he is sweaty and dusty and sort of wide in the ass. Also you will find Woody Harrelson in a Texas leisure suit!

All of them need to either find the money or keep the money. It's that kind of story. But told in such a way that I did not ever get bored or fall asleep, which is a very high praise from me. If you are worried about the mean pitbulls with tiny pointy ears, always remember they don't really kill dogs for the movies, as much as we can tell. You will never want to swim in a river with a pitbull chasing you again. I will not divulge any more details because this is a movie for everyone to go see! It makes me wish I was a super genius Coen Brother and realize how much I never will be. I am sorry Coen Brothers, that all I can come up with are scenes from musicals. Let's have them direct the dog agility movie! Thanks Coen Brothers!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! This is a little bit of a nightmare for me, or maybe it is a waking dream of the nightmare variety. I am right now slogging through hundreds of pieces of student writing, large and small, comprehensible and incomprehensible on, you guessed it, a comparison of the book version of No Country for Old Men (which my classes have been what I like to call "reading" for the last two months) with the film version, which we all went to see last week, but...wishing, wishing, wishing I were outside playing jackpot agility obstacles with Ariel! (That's my own invention: having no course in mind and just running around like crazy pointing at something else and then I all the sudden decide which one is the jackpot because I'm out of breath and ball-throwing happens and dog ecstasy ensues, and if it's the afternoon I get a beer as my jackpot.) Book much better than movie. I confess to have expected better from the Coen Bros :-( Oh, well. I'm over my shock now of opening the Team Small Dog blog to get away from Work, and then work is smack right there. It's ok. It's ok. I'm all right. I'm glad you didn't fall asleep during the movie. (Can we have a Project Runway critique next week, though?)

team small dog said...

You will love Fullhouse in CPE! You just run around and get ANY points you want! Is perfect for uncontrolled arm waving pointing at obstacles. But there is no beer. That is the cycloX.

Yes, this would be like if someone showed up at my house with a truckload of horses and ponies and kids and ladies and dropped them off across the street. But actually, we are even-it is Sunday, my day off and I had to go to work already today!

Having not read the book and loving anything Coen Brothers do and loving Tommy Lee Jones and Texas and a '70's cars, I was very pleased as punch!

I am having the Project Runway falling asleep issue! Because we do not have Dirt Nite agility til Jan. and I do not arrive home exactly at the starting time so I am horribly behind on Project Runway! But I do like Elisa better and was very, very sad about Marion.

Anonymous said...

I loved, loved the opening scene of the movie, and how can you beat the woman in the trailor park who will NOT give Mr.SerialKiller the address?! (I grew up in Wyo and either they cast her perfectly or she's sitting in that trailer park as I type.) I think I might have to read the book since Mary says it's much better. My hubby reports that his latest book "The Road" - is grim. Seriously grim. I don't even think the Coen brothers could work magic on this one. Tash

team small dog said...

The Coeh brothers are magic aren't they! Hello Coen brothers, come join the world of dog agility! You will love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes! They (C Bros) could work wonders for the dog agility world (add beer to it as well). But no rescuing "The Road". If AA says it's grim, that's a Hunter saying it's grim. Tash

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the woman at the Desert Aire (trailer park) was perfect. I cut the Coen Bros a lot of slack -- I mean they can have all the slack the ever want just by virtue of the Big Lebowski, but I don't think they did a great job with NCFOM -- they really got Chigurh wrong, for one thing. And they didn't do Tommy Lee Jones justice -- he was, indeed, perfectly cast, but the screenplay didn't let him do as much as he could have. I hated The Road -- basically, apocalypse hokum, but I think NCFOM is actually a great book for two reasons: 1) the style (McCarthy is not only a brilliant stylist, but, man, this book really is a writer's book--in the sense that it basically says fuck you to convention, my style is better, which it is); 2) it's like the very best picture of red state ideology I've come across.

It's an extremely fun read.

team small dog said...

Allright, then I think we will have to read this book! (At least me and Tash will. We are our own book club.) I read slow because it makes my eyes hurt and I tend to fall asleep real easy if I am sitting still and not typing or making a picture.