23 December 2007

They are closing down the rest stops?

If you were one of my dogs, you would have had a really bad day yesterday, staying locked up in the icey cold for a boring work day, then sitting locked up in the car for many hours because right after icey cold work all day, you are taken hostage for a car ride to LA. Which, it turns out, is what EVERYONE else wants to do-take hostages for car rides to LA, all leaving at 3pm from Watsonville too! Like we all called eachother and said, let's all leave NOW! And the road is a parking lot until it is dark on I-5 and finally the rest of the drones take their hostages to motels I guess, leaving us our own road so we can be in Los Angeles by late night time. If you were one of my dogs, you would have thought you were on some kind of crack pot religious pilgrimage evacuation, with one not fun stop at a parking lot crowded parking lot of McDonald's to walk around and pee on a dead shrub and eat some food then get locked back up with a hefty bag of presents and driven around some more. The torture of it all.

But then finding it's worth it to be in LA where it is sunny and clear and there is a backyard and tennis balls EVERYWHERE and Christmas decoration stuffed things eveywhere to kill. Now that's what Christmas is all about.

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