29 December 2007

Hello and welcome to the movie Juno.

All right. Here is a movie for you. It is called Juno and it was written by a dyed black hair ex stripper named Diablo Cody. Who had a blog.

I'm just saying. I was thinking, would it be a nice thing if I changed my name? I don't want Diablo Cody exactly. That's just not me. I think my official Porn Star name is Ruffles Smith. That's not so good. I did the Stripper Name Quiz and I got Sapphire Leather Thong. That doesn't exactly work either.

So anyways, Juno is a 16 year old goes preggers type movie, but not in a bad way. I won't say it's the best movie, but I did not fall asleep or ever want to walk out of it. Super opening titles! Very Web 2.0. Super actress playing the 16 year old, and not one but TWO Arrested Development characters, the dad and son, who do not play the dad and son in this movie and actually never even meet in the movie. Which left me wondering, did they get to hang out? How does that work in movie land if you don't have any scenes together, with production schedules and all and budgets? Not really my problem and also proved that my mind did wander in the film, which is very sweet and if you saw the previews, is a lot like them and you could pretty much skip the movie, not out of baddness, just out of you've seen a lot of it.

I don't like to give my movies away, in case you go to see them. I would say go see this if you would like to see a sweet and entertaining movie that you will not get bored in. And certainly in the 16 year old goes preggers genre, does a super job. You will see that Cut Chemist has a teensy, tiny part as the chemistry teacher. Also the step mom, who was on the West Wing, cuts out dog photos out of unfulfilled dog lust. And how much do we love the star, Michael Cera, who is known as Pauly Bleeker in this movie and plays the same dorky living in his brain young man in little yellow shorts and his ill fitting sweatband on his touseled non cool haircut. You will see Jennifer Garner and at first think you will hate her, but then you might not. So it gets points for that. The girl star, of the name Ellen Page, is like a super star of teenage type good acting in a very Freaks and Geeks way and is from Canada. Fine Job, Canadians! We hate the Arrested Development dad, living in the land of Nirvana and the Melvins.

Who did make me think, how out of touch and unevolved am I? Is he age appropriate or just living in a time warp and having a mid life crisis? Movie points to Juno for raising thought provoking, if not polar bear ice cap saving, questions. Dog points in the form of the Weimerarer puppies at the end and a barking fluffy dog named Banana. And for keeping me awake. I am having high hopes for a movie there were previews for called There Will Be Blood with oil driller miners and faith healers and that guy who played the silent Nietzs che teenager in Little Miss Sunshine and high hopes for a good movie.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Sapphire Leather Thong? You sure are picky. Glad you're home safe and sound. Yay for Wednesday night class starting this very next Wednesday in the year 2008! We love to stay and watch Team Small Dog do runs!!! and then leave before it's time to put away all the equipment!!! Has anyone ever tried to bribe her way into running a full course at the very end of everything when everyone is totally done being a class like at 9:30 in exchange for picking up a certain number of jumps, or helping to move the A-frame?

team small dog said...

Oh, you have clearly not ever been there at end of class time. While the last person is out on the course, we already have every piece of equipment not used in that course packed. We are out there like vultures. Oh, did you need numbered cones to run the course? Sorry. Like, you do your last run and we are attacking jumps feverishly, so it is possible to get everything back in the trailer and home for Project Runway.

This is what you have to look forward to as you advance to the advanced class. The true joy of dirt night. Putting it away. Boy oh boy oh boy. Back to dirt nite!

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay then, I knew it was hopeless. By 8:30 I am pretty happy to sit and watch you tromp around the arena, anyway. You are a very determined person. I think that is an excellent quality, particularly as it manifests itself in body language.

for me, it's a time of sportsmanlike rest and contemplation while other sportsspersons are concentrating on and solving hard agility problems for themselves after two hours of solving them for their students.

I went to a Guy Blancke seminar in Hollister yesterday which always gives me full-course on a 100' x 100' field lust, even a dirt field. Even an oily shredded tire dirt field. It didn't rain in Hollister, which was a miracle, and Ariel and I could do everything, roughly, and Guy ran Ariel so I could see what it would look like smoothly. I'm not sure we're ever going to advance to 8 p.m. class. I'm really really editing hard here can you see all the places where I have erased any telltale signs of complaints about my currently assigned class (not about the teacher of the class!). I just hope for a class where we run more than twice in one hour because I can't afford to do a second class during the week anymore, even though I have the perfect people to do a 3-person lesson with.

And then as I mentioned there is the benefit (my motto may have something to do with optimistic thinking, but I'm a little pessimistic about such a choice), of the leaving before the picking up all the obstacles to get home in time for Project Runway which I can't stay up for which is why the decision to give up digital cable and the dvr was a hard one and then comcast said oh, if you want to cancel your account, how about we let you keep all your current features and we'll knock off $60 per month for six months and add STARZ and we'll see if you are back on your feet in six months. This made me wonder about how they could see I wasn't on my feet when I hadn't noticed that myself, but doing my quick calculations that help me so much in my budgeting I realized that the $60 I would be saving is $20 more than the $40 over what I had budgeted for are slimmed-down lifestyle. So Yes!! to continued dvr service and watching PR on Thursdays! You can keep posting PR commentary after 7 p.m, thank you, so glad you are continuing the customer service motto into the new year.

team small dog said...

maybe you will move up to rob's 7pm soon and there are courses in there? also, some people do jump ship and move on to power paws...

you should try some of the winter cpe trials! i wish i could fit an additional dog in somehow, let me think on this, because then we could carpool. it is a tight fit because i keep my dogs caged in plastic boxes and in winter you just keep em in the car all day locked up in plastic boxes and my car is small dog size...they are in the tight little rings and on dirt but very good starting places for a trial.

that is good you had fun in guy's class. he is one of a kind. i learned much of rear crossing from him. he is an excellent example of a person who loves agility so much that he lives in a van for the love of agility. that scares me somewhat. do not move into a van mary!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to some of the Sunday CPE Elk Grove trials with you. I could pay for all the gas or more whatever is fair, leaning to over-fair on my part. Ariel wouldn't mind curling up on the floor at my feet if we pushed the front seat way back, if it goes way back, not blocked by wagon train circle of small crates. If horrible accident happened it might be a safe place for her, and she would probably pick that place herself because safest from Team Small Dog whispering mean things to her above human hearing ability, making her scared except for safety of cramped space between my knees. I wouldn't talk too much! I would develop a taste for Spice Girls I'm sure of it.