17 October 2007

This gambling is sure to lose the money.

Officially, we have a roof. It's still an unofficial roof because it's not trimmed or guttered or skylight flashed, which means it basically keeps some stuff dry but not everything.

When it is raining, that is 4 wet dogs, 16 dog feet, that are out there in the wet area that should be dry until it is actually an official roof and, when they come in, a house full of towels and damp dogs.

This is better than giant blue tarps everywhere that leak. The new almost roof at least doesn't let it rain in the office, which still needs to be replastered. I think this project has hit the 3 month mark! Perhaps a record for such a small little roof.

In dog news, yesterday we practiced long send outs and turns to jumps with 2 of the dogs. Ruby and Otterpop have kick ass gambling skills when we practice. They still do not translate to the trial (well, Ruby's do if it's the morning and she is actually running) as evidenced by Otterpop's reluctance to leave the world of Advanced Gambling. If the gambling was actually making me money, we would feel ok with this but this gambling is just hitting judges and trying to run out into tunnels at this point to win a prize.

Gustavo decided to try his first teeter across the field, all by himself. He is a dog posessed. He just saw it out there, broke into a dead run and ran up it at top speed and rode it down. While he loved it, it gave me almost a heart attack. He's light years away from a teeter, the way I see it due to the no brakes yet issue. He practiced his space pod game and contacts (aka brakes) and is starting to learn (in english) words like jump, tire and tunnel.

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