15 October 2007

Dog agility for stoners?

This is from their webpage. This guy was really short and the lead singer and sort of spinal tappy.

Last night we went out. This is sort of a big deal because there is usually no out in the world of visual generalist animal training due to being very tired at night and awaking at 6am every morning with many dogs everywhere. But if your husband who is the exact oppositve and likes to stay up very late hearing loud music wins tickets for free at a place that also serves crepes then it is ok to go. And it is a very early show. And in a back garden with wisteria pods hanging from the trellis over your head and it is not raining.

This wouldn't normally warrant a post but I took notes so I actually fancy myself a reporter now so I should report. Also because Pioneertown is my most favorite place in the universe to go to and they are trying to make the back garden of the Crepe Place a Pioneertown but with Crepes! And a beautiful outside back garden it is and of course crepes and a bar. This is how music is meant to be seen!

The Akron Family is also very popular with UCSC so I was able to check in with exactly un fashion I have become and see first hand how far we need to go to make dog agility the new brown. Much brown there was with this crowd! Also leg warmers (brown) worn with sandals. Also beards! Also we passed Hookah Lounges on the way there and I believe Hookah Lounges are currently the new brown. If all these beaded, smoking, leg warmer wearing, messy haired people have dogs, this could be the new dog agility world if we can bring it to them like the Akron Family. Who is a bunch of guys that either look like homeless men with nice glasses or surfers or mortgage brokers. They are from Brooklyn. Their myspace page says their music is "like the Village People on a Carlos Castaneda vision quest." That is pretty accurate.

People were smoking lots of pot from sparkly and special looking pipes. Much weird and messy hair like really short with chunks cut out (very 80's?) or else my old hair style (ahead of the times!) of a pony tail sort of wadded through the pony tail holder a couple times to make a pony tail wad! Tim Gunn and Carson do you see this? The masses are speaking! It was not that many masses because the back garden of the Crepe Place is sort of like a big backyard. But enough of them. And ugg boots! Lots of boots, even boots like mine hello un fashion! Actually many items worn could also be worn for dog agility! If they can be worn for fast dancing it just might work for dog agility!

The band played a long time and was really loud some of the time and some of the time brought out drums and sort of made marching band drums with barbershop quartet style singing and then more guitar loud feedback songs and I think the correct genre is stoner music. I liked it until I went and sat down at a table and fell asleep which is this problem I have at any loud concert it just puts me to sleep. I am pretty sure I would even do it back in the days of Diane's Place by Safeway and punk rock. It's just from getting up early I guess and loud loud music is so very soothing to my ears.

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