18 October 2007

If you were born in the Earthquake year, now you can vote.

The mutants just like to be piled up all the time.

Besides just being a regular Wednesday yesterday, meaning dirt agility day after work, it was also earthquake day! Now I don't even remember it til after it happens and I read about it in the paper. That was a long time ago, in 1989. I had the biggest freakout meltdown of my life which caused me to have to move out of the state to the desert. A very earthquake proof desert. Now I never even think about them, until we get a tiny one and everything shakes and I freak out just a some and make sure we have some water stored in the garage. That's been a while. I bet we don't even have any water stored right now. And I had that open, western bar shelving built to hold all of our breakable things some years back. Back to living in a non earthquake proof bubble.

Now that I live in a bubble, I am ready for all my dishes to come flying off that shelf next time one hits. So be it. Lots of small deers on the top shelf with antlers that can impale small dogs I guess. I always grab dogs and run outside when it shakes.

Last night was just a mess at agility. I was knocking bars with Hobbes, throwing Ruby off course, sending Otterpop around to back sides of jumps. Hobbes was barking, Gustavo was in the car barking, Otterpop was barking (Sister Mary Ruby just sits and shakes when everyone is barking-a true hypersensitive) and the dogs were just in general, out of control.

Luckily it was cold and damp from rainy days, so we won't take it as a sign of earthquake to come, which is what I used to do to the point that it made me insane and I got the great plan to flee California. That didn't last real long. I spent most of my time in a studio right by the giant Arizona State football stadium (hello marching bands and hot dogs grilling on my doorstep!) with a nutty artist next door that thought he was Anselm Kiefer and burned tar indoors just for fun and I took up hiking with drug addled hippies and cleaning houses. The guys from the Meat Puppets lived down the street. But it just didn't work for me. I did like hiking in the mountains. Just not in the summer. I still have cactus scars on one leg. My art got really weird and obsessive and I think I went even more crazy from living there and luckily got into UCDavis and moved to the normal to a fault, bike riding and recycling midwest off Highway 80. Where I got Timmy!

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