19 October 2007

Wardrobe Essential Number Three-The Athletic Shoe

Timmy can't even look at them.

Tim Gunn and Carson, we have a wardrobe essential issue here. The footwear issue.

In any given day, I walk and run through wet fields, beaches, waves, wet grass, mud, dirt and streets. That's before I even get to the barn! For work, I have my paddock boots. They work on horses and off horses and you just get new ones a lot. But the footwear for the other part of the day has to have tready soles, waterproofedness and feel nice. In the perfect world, where Carson is selecting my clothes and buying them for me, they are also cute!

I have tried and tried for the cute factor in the footwear. No matter what I do, I strike out. These ones come in the color called grass. Usually if grass is the color, we think it might be cute? Racing stripes? Grass? Boy are these things ugly. But they have the "gore tex" special fabric that means you can step in the water getting the tennis ball and your feet stay dry the rest of the walk home. The tready soles (these are for adventure running is what zappo's shoes.com says-that pretty much sums up my life I guess) so you can run out and do your front cross really fast and not FALL on your ass (see notes from Dixon trial and Hobbes's standard run a few weeks back) and the racing style that says, these feet run fast and I am like Sporty Spice but even sportier.

I had another pair that was red, and in 3 months the special strap (no laces on these high tech babies-special straps!) broke and they got a hole in them. So I got these ones in GRASS for free and how embarrassing is it to walk into a store or anywhere where humans may look at your feet in them. I am trying to be responsible and sporty and good footwear wearing but running type shoes, especially with the big treads just cannot look nice. I like my old Frye harness boots. Those are good footwear. And slip on Vans in navy and my Fluevog high heels. But they are not going to help me run fast and dog agility is all about running fast. Unless you are the most kick ass trainer who can teach the dog to do the agility while you are just sitting there in the plastic lawn chair with a mai tai and flicking your finger about and the dog goes there. Yes, I thought not. (Although i did try to send Hobbes out about 70 feet in a gamble dare and almost did it, then Rob did sit down in his plastic chair and sent him the 70 feet. That's why Hobbes is his dog and not mine. He was not drinking a mai tai at the time though).


Anonymous said...

maybe you are secret endurance runner w/ special sportie shoes!!!


team small dog said...

yeah right. i can run really fast for like 36 seconds or so in a 100 x 100' area. that's about it. endurance running = ha ha ha funny laura!

Anonymous said...

Laura -- I have those same shoes (in the red) for hiking and such and they really are not cute! You are so right. I never, never wear them any other time, even walking the dog. And I got some cuter ones but they are not gore-tex (some kind of fake gore-tex) and they do not keep my feet dry. This truly is wardrobe dilemma!


team small dog said...

Yes, the ones I have to send back are red. Not sure which is worse. You must walk the dog in dry places with no waves and soaking wet grass so your feet do not have to be as embarrassed as my feet! Do you think Tim Gunn and Carson are feeling our pain???