13 September 2007

Look at all that nice sky where there used to be a roof.

So, yes, I do go to work. I actually work a lot but on a weird schedule sometimes. Think how long this blog could be with the nice drawings in pen if I did not have to go to work! Like the old days, sigh. On some days, I can do other things on the way to work. I am the boss! Or the way home. Or the way between 2 works. If I count teaching dog class as a work. It's a stretch. But I do get a paycheck to yell at others and have to show up even if I am very, very tired.

Yesterday, one car place where I took my tired car, told me the tires on the car were very, very bad. New Tires! So at 7:30ish am I went to the new tire place. I do not comparison shop things like tires, I just go there and say, Rip Me Off! Slap on some tires. Give me the ones with medium prices. Do not tell me about buying tires at Costco. Nice tires here at the tire place!

During tire buying, I brought the dog with me that needs practicing to walk on a leash and not walk on his hind legs when meeting cats and rodents and singing songs of howling. Instead of squirrels today, we met guys that use loud air tools and hold big metal sticks and sharp things! Gustavo loved them all. The tires are near where the day laborers work or stand there pre work or maybe work, and I thought here is perfect dog walking opportunity, let's go meet lots of guys that some dogs in our family would be horrified of and start peeing and barking! So off to the day laborers we went, where Gustavo met many new friends. Everyone loves Gustavo. Many people spoke Spanish to him. And for more new friends, off we went to the river levee where many homeless people sit around and ride bikes real, real slow. All new friends for Gustavo. Maybe not for me. Luckily no pitbulls on pieces of string or chain on the levee.

This was a fun activity that maybe someday Otterpop could work up to, like back in the days we used to take fun walking adventures around Watsonville. Maybe when she is like 15 years old. She is a lot better now at age 3 almost 4, but I think day laborers, shaved head tire changers and homeless people in many layers of thick clothes are more advanced people meeting skills and Gustavo passed with flying colors. Otterpop has at least graduated to being ok with drug using meth kids in the park! And beer drinkers hiding in bushes! Good girl Otterpop.

Another fun trip we had was to the secret yard of windows and skylights where I bought a huge skylight for cash (the Story is it is worth $1500 new) from a guy with a hawaiian shirt and a big gold chain and the whitest, fakest, teeth I have ever seen. Rip me off! Here's $200! I'll take it! It was in a side yard of a warehouse with a gate locked by like 3 giant padlocks and involved a lot of cel phone calls. It's in my driveway now! Does it work? I have no idea. Why did his teeth look like that? Maybe expensive veneers from selling secret things for cash? Oh god...

We may never know if it does work or is a real skylight worth $1500 because the roof guy, who is actually the son of the real roof guy (remember the square dancing that had no costumes? ) has ripped off much of our roofs and the whole breezeway then has disappeared! The skylight is for him! But he seems to be gone, gone, gone and we have no roof. It is so lovely and bright here all the time and I just pray that he someday comes back like before it Rains!

Also squeezed into the middle of work 1-barn-to work 2-dog-was a trip to Disneyland (OK. It was Target. This is my life now. I have traded Target for Disneyland. ) where I bought a nice gift to take to my nephew this weekend in LA. A dog suit! What 2.5 year old who does not share at school wouldn't want a little dog suit to wear? So he will look like a dog! I am a good, good auntie. I also bought my sister a shirt so she cannot be too mad for turning her child into a dog. Aunties are the ones that can get away with bringing little dog suits as gifts.

My reward for all this and going to 2 works was late last night I got to run fast with not one, or two, but 3 dogs in dog class and have many turns because not many people came to the dog class. Maybe they were too tired to want to drag much heavy equipment out of the trailer then back into the trailer late at night when it is all heavier and covered with sticky, black dirt. Today I feel like I was hit by a truck. I think I am living the life of a middle aged lady animal trainer! Where are my pens? The trips to the bar? The art openings? Go to breakfast? Yikes!

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