11 September 2007

Just shake it really hard.

The way I fixed my camera was first buying it a new memory card. Which still didn't make it work. Then I went on the internet and found out it has the dreaded problem that all those models develop after a few years. One way to fix it is to send it to Canon's black hole of expensive camera fixing. I found another helpful website that suggested shaking the camera as hard as I could. I tried this instead. Much more of my style of fixing of things. It didn't fix it. I tried it again. It still didn't fix it. I tried it one more time. I shook and shook and shook and now I have a working camera!

My fixing method didn't go so well with trying to put the cabinet in the bathroom that will actually hold items that have nowhere to be held currently. We now have a wall with 2 unlevel and not correctly installed bolt or screw holding wall anchors that cannot come out of the wall or hold screws! So also no cabinet. I have no idea how to fix this mess so I just put the cabinet in the bedroom on the floor and Gary just walks by and shakes his head.

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